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Spectrum Concrete Floor Paint

Bright single pack paint for concrete floors. In 190 colours for the perfect match

  • Brightens, strengthens and dustproofs
  • Choose colours to match your brand identity
  • Easy to apply and clean
  • For internal use
RAL 9005 Jet Black
Choose from 190 colours
All colour options:
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With 190 bespoke colours to choose from it has never been easier to get the perfect look for your premises. If you couldn’t find your ideal shade out of the 19 colours of Concrete Floor Paint available, then Spectrum is the product for you. Choose from 190 RAL Classic colours to find the perfect colour for your premises, and get the same strength and benefits of Watco Concrete Floor Paint.

Please be aware that for technical reasons it is not possible to tint this paint formulation to certain colours, e.g. fluorescent colours, but over 95% of the RAL colours are available. Some slight shade variation may occur. If a colour match is critical please ask for a sample.

Recommended areas of use

  • Production and storage areas
  • Fire equipment areas
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Workshops
  • Showrooms


  • The wide range of colours means that you can mark out your premises more effectively than before or match your floors to your brand identity
  • Designed for internal use, the tough single pack urethane formulation transforms, brightens, strengthens and dustproofs your floors
  • This coating is easy to apply and results in an easy to clean, mid-gloss finish
  • Strong enough for general use in warehouses, factories and workshops, attractive enough for use in showrooms, retail areas, leisure facilities, or play areas


Properties Good resistance against abrasion and neutral detergents (no alkaline cleaning agents) and is resistant during short contact periods against lubricating oils, fuel, petrol etc.
Suitable for Concrete, wood, most metals, existing well bonded paint
Finish Glossy, smooth
Interior or Exterior Interior
Composition Single pack, solvent based polyurethane
Coverage 40m² per 5L per coat
Number of coats 2
Dry film thickness 80 microns
Curing time 24 hours at 20°C
Minimum application temperature 10°C



Remove oil, grease and other contaminations with a degreaser. Sand old intact coatings to roughen the surface in order to establish a good adhesion. Check the compatibility with old intact coatings. During application the surface should be dry and clean. Ensure concrete is at least 28 days old and moisture content lower than 5%.


To ensure homogeneity, coating materials should be thoroughly stirred prior to use.


Apply by brush or roller sparingly. In case of roller application it can be necessary to apply 2 coats in order to obtain the recommended film thickness. Spectrum will be touch dry in 12 hours at 15-20°C, ready for light traffic in 24 hours. and full use after 36-48 hours.

Data sheets

Data sheets

Safety data sheets

Safety Data Sheet

Technical data sheets

Technical Data Sheet
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£86.80 (Ex VAT)

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Specialist alternatives

Need chemical resistance?

Ensure your floor surface is resistant to chemical attack

Chemical resistance is important for areas that store or use chemicals. To protect the surface and increase its longevity, you’ll need a coating that stands strong against chemical spills.

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Watco Chemi-Coat


For resistance to aggressive chemicals in heavy traffic areas

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Need something tougher?

Ensure you have the right level of durability for your floor

Painting your floor isn't an easy task, so getting the right level of durability will increase the longevity of your floor. In choosing a hardwearing product, you won't need to revisit the project for years.

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Applying in cold conditions?

Complete your maintenance projects all year round

Conventional floor paints need to be applied above 10°c in order for them to cure. We’ve formulated products using the latest resin technology, so you can apply them temperatures down to -10°c.

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Watco Cold Set Coating


For cold areas such as walk-in fridges, cold stores and loading bays. Highly wear resistant

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Need ultra-rapid curing?

Get back to business faster with our Rapid formulations

Take the stress out of painting your floor with our rapid curing products. You can clean, prepare and paint your floors in as little as just one day.

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Need to hide surface imperfections?

Make it easier to get the perfect finish

A matt finish helps to reduce the amount of glare on the surface. So, imperfections such as dents and scratches will be disguised. Giving you the perfect floor finish you are after.

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Watco Matt Concrete Floor Paint


For light traffic areas in factories & garages. Matt finish disguises imperfections

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Tools and accessories

12" Roller Frame & Handle

12" Roller Frame & Handle

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Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Professional paint brushes suitable for all coatings

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Watco Etch & Clean

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Watco Mixing Stick

Watco Mixing Stick

Watco mixing stick for easily stirring paint prior to painting

£1.25  (Ex VAT)

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Spectrum Concrete Floor Paint

Spectrum Concrete Floor Paint

Bright single pack paint for concrete floors. In 190 colours for the perfect match

From £86.80  (Ex VAT)

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