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The only family with this kind of strength - 
Our Concrex range

For more than 50 years, Watco customers have relied on Concrex to deliver exceptional performance and as the number one epoxy resin floor repair mortar, it has repaired, reinforced and strengthened concrete floors, steps and ramps across Europe.

The Concrex family has evolved to cover almost any repair, anywhere. With formulations designed for cold applications, deep holes and vertical surfaces, right the way through to flexible repairs or the ability to withstand chemicals, your Concrex solution will be easily applied and virtually indestructible, every time.


A permanent repair, wherever you need it - Concrex Carbon Fibre

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Epoxicote High Build

Epoxicote High Build


Epoxicote High Build

No matter the area you’re repairing, we have
a product to give you a strong, long-lasting result.

The ultimate floor repair with Concrex Carbon Fibre

Finding an easy-to-use, long-lasting repair mortar can be tricky, but our premium epoxy repair mortar, Concrex Carbon Fibre, contains carbon fibre, making it stronger than any cement-based alternative and it’s easy to apply. It even dries in just 1 hour, so you can get the area back in action fast.

Choose from our Concrex Carbon Fibre 10kg and 25kg packs, or you can buy a bundle containing everything you need.

Recommended areas of use repairs to damaged steps, fitting guide rails, worn floors, expansion joints, different levels and holes.

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Don't let your repairs stand out

Concrex colours is a great way to repair your floors whilst still maintaining the attractive coloured finish to your floor. Suitable for use inside or out and it cures to a granite-hard finish, making it virtually indestructible. It’s also ideal for thin section, feather edge or intricate repairs to concrete surfaces.

Our Concrex Colours formula also comes in a cold set version (Concrex Colours Cold Set), this has all the same features with the added benefit of the ability to cure in low temperatures.

Recommended areas of use Holes in concrete floors, damaged steps, broken floor joints, eroded or uneven concrete.

Shop Concrex ColoursShop Concrex Colours Cold Set

Create easy coved skirting and repair vertical surfaces

Repair vertical surfaces quickly and efficiently with Concrex Vertical. This non-slump formulation is approximately a third of the density of ordinary mortars, which means it’s ideal for repairing vertical surfaces without slumping or falling out as it dries. For cold rooms or external areas, see Concrex Vertical Cold Set.

Recommended areas of use Damaged concrete pillars, sills, beams, render and stone work. Frost spalled and damaged concrete surfaces or areas with exposed reinforcement.

Watco Concrex Coving Mortar is specially formulated to make it easier to create coved skirting in hygienic environments. This mortar is incredibly tough, chemical and impact resistant, even when applied with feather edges.

Recommended areas of use Ideal for hygienic environments such as hospitals, food halls and bunds.

Shop Concrex VerticalShop Vertical Cold CureShop Concrex Coving Mortar

An economic formula for repairs to deep holes

Concrex Deep Fill is ideal for filling deep holes quickly and economically. Concrex Deep fill can be used in one layer between 15mm - 100mm and it can be left as a wearing surface, which has a coarse textured finish. If a smooth finish is required use Concrex Deep Fill to within 5mm of the floor level, and then overlay with Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre.

Also available in rapid curing and cold curing formulations – see Concrex Cold Set Deep Fill and Concrex Deep Fill Rapid

Recommended areas of use: Suitable for use inside and out on damaged steps, holes, broken floor joints and eroded or uneven concrete.

Shop Concrex Deep FillShop Concrex Deep Fill RapidShop Concrex Cold Set Deep Fill

Permanent repairs, even in cold or freezing conditions

When it comes to concrete repairs in unheated or freezing areas, ordinary mortars would fail. Therefore we've adjusted our original Concrex formula so you can repair your surfaces all year round. Use Concrex Cold Set for areas down to 0°C, or our polyaspartic formulation, Concrex Sub Zero for areas as cold as minus 20°C. No matter which one you choose, you're guaranteed a long-lasting repair that can withstand even the toughest of industrial traffic.

Recommended areas of use: inside or outside, freezer or chiller rooms, holes in concrete floors, damaged steps, broken floor joints or eroded or uneven concrete.

Shop Concrex Cold SetShop Concrex Sub Zero

Ultra strong asphalt repairs

Most asphalt repair materials remain slightly soft and are therefore unsuitable for areas where heavy or narrow wheeled trolleys and forklifts are used. However, Concrex Asphalt Repair is our premium epoxy designed for ultra strong repairs to asphalt surfaces. It will withstand the heaviest of use and is also ideal for repairing thin asphalt screeds and toppings.

Recommended areas of use: Repair potholes, gangways, car parks, loading bays and guide rails.

Shop Concrex Asphalt Repair

Flexible repairs for areas subject to movement or vibration

Typically areas subject to movement are problematic to repair. Areas such as these tend to be repaired and subsequently crack or spall due to the movement of the substrate. With Watco Concrex Flex, you can repair these areas for good. Concrex Flex is designed to move alongside the substrate, providing a permanenet repair where a rigid mortar might fail.

Where to use: For floors subject to movement, vibration (such as around machinary), or impact.

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Permanent floor repairs with excellent chemical resistance

Concrex Acid Strength is ideal for repairing acid damaged concrete floors. Our formulation has been developed to give outstanding chemical resistance, even against 95% sulphuric acid. It offers all the strength, ease of use and durability of our original Concrex formula, but it is ideal for areas where chemicals are used or stored.

Where to use: Repairs to floors, ramps or steps in areas where strong chemicals are stored or used.

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Concrex is the ultimate solution for...

Damaged steps

Fitting guide rails

Worn floors

Different levels


Expansion joints

How to apply Concrex

Our how to video on Concrex offers in depth guidance on the various repair mortars available in our range. It provides a comprehensive overview of each product's unique features and intended applications, enabling you to make an informed decision on which one would be the best fit for your needs. 

The video provides step-by-step instructions on how to use each product effectively, ensuring that you can achieve the best possible results with ease.

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