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Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre Repair Bundle Pack

Everything you need for permanent concrete floor repairs

  • Resin rich for thin section & feather edge repairs
  • Embedded with Carbon Fibre for superior strength
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Granite-hard finish
  • 20 year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure
  • Faster drying, ready for traffic in 1 hour

Frequently bought together


Application Kit: 

The Concrex® Carbon Fibre Application Kit has been assembled for use with any product within the Concrex® range to make repairing concrete easier. We offer the application kit in 2 sizes as stated below. 

  • Small Application Kit Includes: 2 plastic bags for transporting, 250ml white spirit, 4” Mix & Apply trowel, wire brush/scraper, cloth and disposable gloves.
  • Large Application Kit Includes: 4 plastic bags for transporting, 750ml white spirit, 10” steel float, 4” Mix & Apply trowel, wire brush/scraper, 5 cloths and nitrile gloves.


Concrex Carbon Fibre:

Repair concrete with Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre. Concrex® Carbon Fibre is the ultimate floor repair mortar. Based on our best-selling Concrex, the addition of Carbon Fibre, ceramic and an increase in resin content makes this the strongest, longest lasting floor repair mortar that you can buy. Repairs made with Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre are virtually indestructible as its wear resistance and adhesion are unrivalled!

Recommended Areas of Use

  • Ideal for repairing eroded industrial flooring or damaged concrete, bay edges and broken steps.


  • Suitable for use inside and out
  • Cures to a granite-hard finish
  • Provides excellent chemical resistance and anti slip properties
  • Priming is not normally required
  • Impervious and non-dusting
  • May be feather-edged
  • Cures in 1-2 hours at ambient temperatures, ready for heavy traffic in 4 hours
  • Available in 10kg and 25kg packs


Tack Coat: 

Watco Tack Coat is an epoxy resin adhesive primer for use before screeding with Concrex® Carbon Fibre. 


  • Suitable for internal or external applications
  • Quick and easy to mix and apply
  • Concrex® Carbon Fibre can be applied within 30-60 minutes
  • Can be applied over existing paint, but all poorly bonded paint must be removed and well bonded paint roughened to provide a key
Properties Incredibly tough, granite–hard finish, chemical–resistant, anti–slip, priming not normally required, impervious and non-dusting, may be feather-edged, ready for heavy traffic in 4 hours.
Suitable for Floors, ramps, steps.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior.
Primer required Watco Tack Coat is essential for shallow applications or screeding.
Coverage 3m² per 25kg.
Curing time 1-2 hours at 20°C.
Pot life 30 minutes.

Surface preparation

Surfaces to be treated must be clean, dry and free of friable material, wire brushing or sweeping is usually sufficient. Watco Bio D degreaser can be used if there are spots of oil or grease.


Each bucket contains Concrex powder and bottles of hardener. Mix the two components with a trowel until you achieve a uniform grey colour, you can complete the mixing by using your gloved hands. For large quantities, it is advisable to use a mixer.


Apply the repair mortar to the surface to be repaired and smooth with a trowel. To prevent streaks, wipe the blade with a rag soaked in white spirit.

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Tools and accessories

Concrex Mixing Tub

Concrex Mixing Tub

Ideal for mixing Watco Concrex

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