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Watco Flowpatch Sub Zero

Fast & strong repairs for heavy wear areas in -20°C

  • Just add water, mix and pour
  • Takes forklifts in just 2 hours
  • Magnesium phosphate-based formula
  • Allows essential maintanence even in freezing conditions

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Watco Flowpatch Sub Zero is ideal for concrete floor repair in cold rooms. It will cure very rapidly to withstand heavy traffic, even at -20°C. Ideal for repairing holes or leveling damaged concrete floors. 


  • Easy to use: just add water, mix and apply
  • Magnesium phosphate-based formula generates heat when mixed with water, allowing the product to be used as low as -20°C
  • Extremely tough: can withstand weight of up to 350kg/cm
Properties Will cure at minus 20 degrees, easy to use, just add water, mix and apply, magnesium phosphate-based formula, extremely tough.
Suitable for Floors.
Interior or Exterior Interior.
Coverage 10kg produces 4.6L of mortar. This covers approximately 0.24m² when applied at 20mm thick. 25kg produces approximately 11.5L of mortar. This covers 0.6m² when applied at 20mm thick.
Curing time Will accept light traffic in approx. 1 hour, heavy traffic in approx. 5 hours, depending on temperature.
Pot life 10 minutes.

Surface preparation

Remove all loose material including dust, oil and grease. Minimum application depth should be 20mm. Repair edges should be cut to depth to avoid feather-edging. Dampen bare concrete with clean, cold water. Remove any standing water. Briefly warm the area using a blowlamp or gas torch. This helps to accelerate curing. 

Warning: do not mix the product for more than 4 minutes. Use immediately. Watco Flowpatch Sub Zero cures very quickly and the mixed product must be applied and finished within 10 minutes.


Mixing must be carried out in an ambient temperature above 5°C. If mixing at temperatures below 5°C, pre-warm the mixing vessel with warm (approximately 25 - 30°C) water. Remove the bag of powder and pour 2 litres of clean, cold water into the plastic container. Gradually add all the powder, mixing thoroughly. Continue mixing to produce a smooth workable mortar.


Trowel Watco Flowpatch Sub Zero firmly into place using a steel trowel or float. The trowel can be wiped with clean, cold water to make finishing easier. Apply the product at a minimum 20mm thickness, if using at a temperature range of - 20°C to 5°C.

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