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Concrete Repairs for a SNCF Warehouse

Project details

SNCF, which is one of Europe's most popular train services, had a problem in one of their technical warehouses, where trains go for servicing and repairs. Holes had formed either side of the rails in the warehouse, so the entire 1,200 sq ft area needed to be renovated. 

Our solution

After several inconclusive tests using competitors' products, they chose Watco's epoxy repair mortar, Concrex® Carbon Fibre

"The reason this products outshone the others was because it was simple and quick to apply, as well as being robust and hard wearing."

Although the product was more expensive initially, they commented that Watco's products are extremely robust and so need to be replaced far less frequently, making them economical in the long term. 

The application took place between April and May, so the outside temperature was not a problem, although Watco do stock a Concrex® Sub Zero and Flowpatch® Sub Zero that cure at a temperature as low as -20˚C, enabling repairs to be made at any time of year.

Concrex® is Watco’s most popular product for warehouse repairs. It is the most hard wearing repair mortar on the market, is easy to apply and virtually indestructible.

Products used

Case studies

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