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Paint your floor the Watco way


The key to achieving a professional-looking result

The overall success of your flooring project, whether it's a large warehouse facility or small garage, comes down to three crucial elements: careful planning, proper preparation and informed product selection.

When painting a concrete floor, choosing the right paint is key to achieving a professional-looking result. Here, we’ll explain the differences between the main types of floor paint – but for a more in-depth guide to prepping and painting your floor, download and read our FREE ‘Floor Preparation and Painting’ eBooks.

Single Pack Polyurethane

Single pack polyurethane products are ideal for general industrial use, such as for storage areas, as you can just use as much as you need, and then reseal and store the rest for use later.

Our bestselling single pack polyurethane: Concrete Floor Paint

Easy to use, pre-mixed formulation. Ideal for warehouses, workshops or any light trafficked concrete floor.

  • Superior impact resistance, hardness and adhesion
  • Tested to CE Mark EN1504-2: to ensure you get the best possible results
  • Our new ‘Best Ever Formula’ meaning it's twice as durable than before
  • Available in 190 RAL colours to choose from

Two Part Water based Epoxy Resins

Two part epoxy resins work by mixing a base resin and a curing agent/hardener at the point of application. While curing, the coating bonds to the substrate to form a strong, durable and long lasting finish that is resistant to chemicals, oils and grease.

Epoxy Gloss Coat

A glossy epoxy paint with a tough finish. Suitable for warehouses, workshops, production areas, and showrooms

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Safety Coat

This two part epoxy resin is mixed with a pre-blended aggregate for an even, easy clean, fine anti slip finish.

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Epoxy Matt Coat

A hard-wearing epoxy paint with a matt finish. Ideal for warehouses, workshops, production areas and showrooms

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100% Solids Epoxy Resin

100% solids achieve a thick, glossy finish with just one coat which saves on time and painting costs as well as allowing an area to be back in use quickly.

Epoxicote High Build

Extra thick for heavy traffic areas in warehouses, garages, receptions, oil and chemical areas.

  • So thick you'll only need one coat, this high build, virtually solvent free epoxy resin floor coating will be dry enough for full use in just 48 hours
  • Also available in Rapid, Cold Cure and Anti Slip formulations to match your needs
  • All grades carry CE Mark EN1504-2 to ensure exceptional protection for concrete floors
  • A great all-rounder - with impressive test results for hardness, abrasion, chemical, slip, scratch and impact resistance

Polyaspartic Coatings

Although a polyaspartic coating has a thinner film, the coating is significantly harder and offers rapid, cold curing and exceptional resistance to UV fading. They also have outstanding scratch and chemical resistance. Their resistance to UV and ability to dry quickly in very low temperatures makes these coatings the ideal choice for application in harsh environments.

Cold Set Coating

For cold areas such as walk-in fridges, cold stores and loading bays. Highly wear resistant

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Protecta Coat

A highly durable clear protective coating for painted or bare concrete floors

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Fast drying to reduce warehouse downtime - apply two coats in one day

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We've covered a lot of ground...

Now that you're all up to speed with our different types of coatings, don't forget to download our FREE guides that will cover everything else you need to know from correct preparation to detailed application instructions.

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