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Line Marking Advice

Line marking products are typically used to define potentially hazardous areas. Watco have a wide range of floor marking solutions, from paints, tapes and their applicators, for a variety of conditions and surfaces. 

Technical and safety data sheets are available for each of our products. If you have a question that we haven't answered below, please contact a member of our team on 01483 418 418.

Where line marking is important:

Walkways: It is necessary that these areas are clearly marked out for both pedestrians and vehicles; they need to be easily recognisable to provide immediate impact and improve safety. 

Hazardous areas: It is important that emergency exits, passageways with automatic doors and areas of heavy traffic where only certain vehicles are allowed are not obstructed. For this reason these areas need to be clearly marked out. 

Floor layouts: Pathways and traffic filtering areas require marking that is clear and simple to follow. One way traffic and production areas need to be clearly defined with a logical layout to increase productivity and safety. 

Specific labelling: If you enter a loading area or traffic zone there is a potential safety risk, whether in an industrial or public area. This is why it is always necessary to follow standard practice relating to colour coding.

What line marking paints are available?

Watco offers a wide range of economic and durable paints for road marking. 

If you have areas that are subject to heavy traffic, Watco recommends using Watco Epoxyline. It is a water based epoxy resin formula, which is virtually odour free, so ideal for applications in confined areas. Watco Epoxyline can be applied on rough concrete and onto well bonded paint; it also has excellent resistance to abrasion and chemical attack. 

Watco Trafficline is ideal for use on private roads, car parks, industrial floors and playgrounds. It can be applied to asphalt and concrete, as well as existing but worn thermoplastic markings. 

Watco Roadmarker Reflective is ideal for use in areas that require quick drying times. It has excellent anti-slip properties and has the added advantage of being reflective. 

If you require coloured line marking for areas such as external walkways, parking spaces and tennis courts, Watco recommends using Watco Heavy Duty Asphalt Paint.

Roadmarker Reflective

How can lines be made anti slip?

Watco Safety Tape is the perfect solution for anti slip line marking, as it comes in a range of widths and grades and is extremely tough and durable. It offers immediate slip resistance on stairs and ramps for both pedestrians and vehicles and can be applied using its self-adhesive backing to wood, concrete, metal and some painted surfaces. 

Watco Epoxy Grip Strip is ideal for use on both interior and exterior stairs and ramps and is equally suitable for applications on concrete, wood and metal. 

Watco Conformable Safety Tape is ideal for applying to profiled metal, structured sheets, ladder rungs and profiled slabs. It has a flexible aluminium backing, which moulds to the substrate.

Safety Tape
Epoxy Grip Strip
Conformable safety Tape

What stencils are available for line marking?

We have a range of reusable stencils, which can be used in car parks and on pavements, floors, walls and loading bays. They are made of PVC, and can be used to create words, numbers and logos. 


How can I mark spaces in a car park?

Car parks need to be clearly marked to comply with regulations, for example to highlight areas for disabled users and mark safe pedestrian walkways.

For a painted, more permanent alternative, Watco recommends using Watco Roadmarker, as it is tough, versatile and quick drying. It is ideal for application on bare concrete or asphalt floors. It can be roller or brush applied and is showerproof within 1 hour. To make your lines more visible use Watco Roadmarker Reflective

Watco Thermoline Lines provide a heavy duty line marking solution, combining longevity with excellent adhesion and ease of application. They are designed for roadways, warehouses, pavements, car parks and heavily trafficked areas and are suitable for both internal and external use. The lines are preformed, so there is no need for cutting although if desired this can be carried out quickly on site.

Roadmarker Reflective
Thermoline Lines

How do I mark out pedestrian areas?

By marking out pedestrian areas you are able to control the flow of movement and access to restricted, prohibited and public areas. Before applying any line marking it is important to identify what type of areas it is needed in. Our Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape is ideal as it's ultra durable compared to conventional floor tapes. It's quick and easy to apply by hand and has a chamfered edge to reduce scuffing and lifting.

Featured line marking products

Watco Epoxyline

Watco Epoxyline

Long lasting line marking for heavy wear areas

From £45.00 (Ex VAT)

Watco Trafficline

Watco Trafficline

A versatile line marking paint for inside and out

From £118.50 (Ex VAT)

Watco Roadmarker

Watco Roadmarker

Chlorinated rubber paint for heavy duty line marking

From £87.75 (Ex VAT)

New lower price
Bulk Discounts
Watco Safety Tapes

Watco Safety Tapes

Tough, safe anti slip floor tapes

From £17.80 (Ex VAT)

Watco Epoxy Grip Strip

Watco Epoxy Grip Strip

Versatile, strong anti slip strips for steps, ramps and heavy wear areas

From £24.45 (Ex VAT)

New lower price
Watco Conformable Safety Tape

Watco Conformable Safety Tape

Super strong anti-slip tape for checker plate and profiled metal

From £32.05 (Ex VAT)

Watco Line Stencil

Watco Line Stencil

Reusable industrial letter and number stencils

From £24.35 (Ex VAT)

Watco Thermoline Lines

Watco Thermoline Lines

Preformed long-lasting line markings for heavy traffic areas

From £199.00 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape

Watco Heavy Duty Line Marking Tape

Special high performance tape for heavy wear areas

From £116.30 (Ex VAT)

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