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Watco Epoxy Grip Strip

Versatile, strong anti slip strips for steps, ramps and heavy wear areas

  • Attractive black finish
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Carborundum grit give excellent slip resistance
  • Tailor the design to your job
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Watco Epoxy Grip Strip is a highly effective and extremely versatile non slip flooring treatment. 

Strips of Watco Epoxy Grip Strip can give a more attractive finish than a conventional coating. On outdoor steps it also allows rainwater to drain away more easily. 

Recommended areas of use

  • Internal and external steps
  • Ramps, entrance ways and decking ect.
  • Around machinery


  • Creates a smart, 1mm high, black strip with a charcoal-grey gritted surface
  • Use on concrete, wood, tiles, marble and other hard or painted surfaces
  • Ideal for internal and external steps, ramps, entrance ways, around machinery, decking
  • Create any width or length of strip using the special tape provided
  • An alternative to anti slip tape for a durable finish in heavy wear areas
  • Extremely durable epoxy resin base with carborundum grit
  • Ready for traffic in 16 hours
  • Supplied as an easy to use kit to fit a standard cartridge gun

Each pack contains the Cartridge, nozzle, grit and spreader.



Finish Attractive black finish
Interior or Exterior Exterior, Interior
Primer required No primer required
Coverage One 310ml tube will provide a line approximately 10m long by 15mm wide


Surface preparation

Ensure surfaces are clean and dry. Do not apply to cold (less than 10°C) or damp substrates.


Do not mix the epoxy resin paste until you are ready to use it, since it must be applied immediately after Mixing.

Each pack contains a tin of curing agent and a separate tin of resin. Add the contents of the curing agent tin to the tin of resin and mix thoroughly using a palette knife or similar. Scrape down the sides and bottom of the tin during Mixing to avoid unblended resin/curing agent creating soft spots in the cured product. Once mixed, pour into the 310ml cartridge supplied and close the open end with the plunger. Place the cartridge into the skeleton gun and fit the nozzle once the end has been cut off.


1. Lay the Epoxy Grip Strip tape down the desired width apart
2. Apply the Watco Epoxy Grip Strip paste evenly between the tapes
3. Smooth down the Watco Epoxy Grip Strip paste using the spreader
4. Sprinkle Watco Epoxy Grip Strip grit over the pasted area
5. Carefully remove the tape before the product cures
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Delivery options
Next day delivery slots available upon request. Call us on 01483 418418 for details.

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Watco Epoxy Grip Strip

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