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Discover our Best Ever Formula

Improving on our range of concrete and epoxy paints was no easy achievement. But one we eagerly took on. Our paint chemists worked tirelessly to bring you our best ever formula.

It wasn’t enough to create ‘our best’, we wanted to be ‘the best’. That’s why we also tested them against other leading brands for adhesion, hardness, scratch and abrasion resistance, and gloss levels. To learn more about how we test our products click here.

Epoxy Gloss Coat

We’ve made gloss greater

In fact, 20% glossier than a leading competitor. Dries faster too – apply two coats in one day greatly reducing your downtime. Epoxy Gloss Coat Best Ever Formula is available in Gloss, Matt, Gloss Hygienic and Matt Hygienic finishes.

Concrete Floor Paint

The best just got better

Our new formulation is 100% harder wearing than before. Transform your premises with our Best Ever Formula Concrete Floor Paint, available in Gloss, Matt and Anti Slip finishes.

Safety Coat

A new standard in safety

Your safety is our concern and our Best Ever Formula has 50% superior adhesion than before. It's finely textured surface looks better and is easier to clean than other gritty surfaces. Watco Safety Coat is available in Standard, Coarse, Hygienic and Hygienic Coarse finishes.

Epoxy Gloss Coatadd

Our unique formula

We’ve been working tirelessly to develop an Epoxy Gloss Coat floor paint to exceed your expectations. Our paint chemists created a unique new formulation based on a two-pack epoxy resin blended with ceramic and “diamond hard” wax. We then put it through rigorous testing to ISO standards to make sure we were bringing you the best.

What makes it the best?

Our new formula, with a blend of superior resins including “diamond hard” wax and ceramic additive, brings you a paint that’s 40% harder wearing than our previous formulation and 3 times harder than a leading competitor’s. That means it lasts longer, delivering the value for money for you’ve come to expect from Watco. Our paint is also 20% glossier than a leading competitor’s, leaving an attractive finish that lasts year after year.

How do I know it's tough?

To make some of the toughest paint, we put it through its paces during testing. That’s why all grades carry  Mark EN1504-2. The test results showed superior abrasion, scratch and impact resistance and impressive adhesion, hardness and flexibility. It’s everything you need to coat and protect floors for the future.

Dries faster

Our new formula is not only tough, it dries faster than before. So fast, in fact, that you can apply two coats in just one day. You can save on time and costs with greatly reduced downtime when repainting your floor. It’s now even quicker to get that attractive, low maintenance, hard wearing floor finish you’re looking for.

Matt and hygienic finishes

Our new formulation also comes in a matt finish to reduce glare and cover up minor imperfections in concrete floors. In addition, we also offer hygienic grade paint with silver ion technology for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard-wearing finish.

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Concrete Floor Paintadd

Bringing superior quality concrete floor paints to our customers has always been at the heart of everything we do. But it wasn’t enough. We wanted to offer you the best. We were already using the toughest polyurethane resins and best pigments in our formulation, so we had to look beyond. After extensive testing and trials, our paint chemists blended ceramic and “diamond hard” wax with resin to create the best ‘single pack’ concrete floor paint on the market.

What makes it the best?

Our new formulation delivers levels of durability, adhesion and scratch resistance never seen before. Our Concrete Floor Paint formulas are now twice as abrasion resistant than before, as well as 400% harder, and more scratch resistant, than a leading competitor and have 50% better adhesion. That means they’ll last longer, leaving more time between repainting.

What about colour?

Our customers have come to expect a wide choice of colours, and will now enjoy an even broader range in our Anti-Slip and Matt Concrete Floor Paints. Along with our new formulation, we’ve also modified a few of our colours and will be happy to help you find the one you’re looking for. In addition we’ve also tested all shades to make sure they fall within RAL guidelines where a RAL number is quoted.

Why is it the best for you?

Why is the best, best for you? Because our new formula will last twice as long, you’ll save on maintenance costs and repainting over the long term. Not only does it adhere to floors, it stays stuck and superior scratch resistance keeps them looking better for longer. With Watco Concrete Floor Paint protecting your floors, you can focus on your next project without worrying about the last.

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Safety Coatadd

Your safety is our concern. That’s what’s driven us to create an even better epoxy safety coat for your floors. Our paint chemists have worked on a new, unique formula that not only contains a fine anti-slip particle, but also a “diamond hard” wax and ceramic additive to make it 40% harder wearing than before. It’s not just better, it’s our best.

How does it work?

Our Safety Coat is an extremely tough, two-pack epoxy resin engineered for areas where you need traction to keep you from slipping. Its fine, anti-slip particle is suspended in the paint, leaving a finely textured surface that looks better than gritty surfaces. The texture also makes it easier to clean, saving you much needed time and effort.

What do the tests say?

To bring you the best possible Safety Coat, we put it through rigorous testing, where our new formulation more than proved itself. It’ll bring you even more abrasion, scratch and impact protection than you’d hoped for. We also made sure it held up to adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance and flexibility testing to deliver a coat that’ll last year after year.

The coarse coat

We’ve thought carefully about your different needs, which is why we’ve also reformulated our Safety Coarse Coat. It’s been designed for those areas that get very wet or greasy. It contains a larger anti-slip particle to enhance grip and slip resistance. It’s simple to apply with a roller, again, easier to clean and has been developed with low odour.

A coat for many areas

Our epoxy Safety Coat also comes in a hygienic grade option, which contains silver ion technology. This is perfect for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard wearing finish.

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