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Epoxy Gloss Coat®

The best water based epoxy floor paint you can buy

A formula like no other

We’ve been working tirelessly redeveloping our Epoxy Gloss Coat floor paint to exceed your expectations. Our paint chemists created a unique new formulation based on a two-pack epoxy resin. We then put it through rigorous testing to ISO standards to make sure we were bringing you the best.

Epoxy Gloss Coat

What makes it the best?

Our new formula, with a blend of superior resins, brings you a paint that’s 40% harder wearing than our previous formulation and 3 times harder than a competitor’s. That means it lasts longer, delivering the value for money for you’ve come to expect from Watco. Our paint is also 20% glossier, leaving an attractive finish that lasts year after year.

How do I know it's tough?

To make some of the toughest paint, we put it through its paces during testing. That’s why all grades carry Mark EN1504-2. The test results showed superior abrasion, scratch and impact resistance and impressive adhesion, hardness and flexibility. It’s everything you need to coat and protect floors for the future.

Dries faster

Our new formula is not only tough, it dries faster than before. So fast, in fact, that you can apply two coats in just one day. You can save on time and costs with greatly reduced downtime when repainting your floor. It’s now even quicker to get that attractive, low maintenance, hard wearing floor finish you’re looking for.

Matt and hygienic finishes

Our new formulation also comes in a matt finish to reduce glare and cover up minor imperfections in concrete floors. In addition, we also offer hygienic grade paint with silver ion technology for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard-wearing finish.

Epoxy Gloss Coat

Our Best Ever Formula

Reformulated for superior scientifically proven performance, our floor paints are now more resistant to wear and scratches and have better adhesion than ever before.


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