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Safety Coat®

An anti slip coating formulated for superior performance

A new standard in safety

Your safety is our concern. That’s what’s driven us to create an even better epoxy safety coat for your floors. Our paint chemists have worked on a new, unique formula, that contains a fine anti-slip particle, to make it 40% harder wearing than before. It’s not just better, it’s our best.

Safety Coat

How does it work?

Our Safety Coat is an extremely tough, two-pack epoxy resin engineered for areas where you need traction to keep you from slipping. Its fine, anti-slip particle is suspended in the paint, leaving a finely textured surface that looks better than gritty surfaces. The texture also makes it easier to clean, saving you much needed time and effort.

What do the tests say?

To bring you the best possible Safety Coat, we put it through rigorous testing, where our new formulation more than proved itself. It’ll bring you even more abrasion, scratch and impact protection than you’d hoped for. We also made sure it held up to adhesion, hardness, chemical resistance and flexibility testing to deliver a coat that’ll last year after year.

The coarse coat

We’ve thought carefully about your different needs, which is why we’ve also reformulated our Safety Coat Coarse. It’s been designed for those areas that get very wet or greasy. It contains a larger anti-slip particle to enhance grip and slip resistance. It’s simple to apply with a roller, again, easier to clean and has been developed with low odour.

A coat for many areas

Our epoxy Safety Coat also comes in a hygienic grade option, which contains silver ion technology. This is perfect for areas where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard wearing finish.

Safety Coat

Our Best Ever Formula

Reformulated for superior scientifically proven performance, our floor paints are now more resistant to wear and scratches and have better adhesion than ever before.


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