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Concrete Floor Paint

The best just got better

The best single pack floor paint on the market

Bringing superior quality concrete floor paints to our customers has always been at the heart of everything we do. But it wasn’t enough. We wanted to offer you the best. We were already using the toughest polyurethane resins and best pigments in our formulation, so we had to look beyond. After extensive testing and trials, our paint chemists created the best ‘single pack’ concrete floor paint on the market.

Concrete Floor Paint

What makes it the best?

Our new formulation delivers levels of durability, adhesion and scratch resistance never seen before. Our Concrete Floor Paint formulas are now twice as abrasion resistant than before, as well as 400% harder, and more scratch resistant than a competitor product. But that's not all, it also has 50% better adhesion, meaning that it will last longer and leave more time between repainting.

What about colour?

Our customers have come to expect a wide choice of colours, and will now enjoy an even broader range in our Anti-Slip and Matt Concrete Floor Paints. Along with our new formulation, we’ve also modified a few of our colours and will be happy to help you find the one you’re looking for. In addition we’ve also tested all shades to make sure they fall within RAL guidelines where a RAL number is quoted.

Why is the best, best for you?

Because our new formula will last twice as long, you’ll save on maintenance costs and repainting over the long term. Not only does it adhere to floors, it stays stuck and superior scratch resistance keeps them looking better for longer. With Watco Concrete Floor Paint protecting your floors, you can focus on your next project without worrying about the last.

Our guarantee to you

We’re so confident that we’ve created the best quality concrete floor paints for you, they’re 100% guaranteed. If you experience any problems or you’re not entirely happy, just call us on 01483 418 418.

Concrete Floor Paint

Our Best Ever Formula

Reformulated for superior scientifically proven performance, our floor paints are now more resistant to wear and scratches and have better adhesion than ever before.


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