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Watco Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure

Tough and easy repairs for fine cracks in the cold

  • 100% solids epoxy resin formula
  • Can be applied at 0°C
  • Pourable two-part epoxy
  • Can be painted if required

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Watco Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure is a simple to use, incredibly tough product for filling unsightly cracks in concrete floors prior to coating. Its liquid formulation ensures that no sanding down will be needed to make it level once cured.

Recommended areas of use

  • Specially formulated to fill narrow cracks in concrete floors

Features of Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure

  • Can be coated with any of our high performance floor coatings
  • Fast curing – non shrink
  • Super tough, epoxy resin formula
  • Ideal for cracks up to 3mm wide
  • Watco Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure can be applied at 0°C
Properties Non shrink, two part liquid epoxy, can be coated, fast curing, ideal for cracks up to 2-3mm wide, its liquid formulation ensures that no sanding down will be needed to make it level once cured.
Suitable for Concrete
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior
Primer required No primer required.
Composition 2 part, 100% solids epoxy resin
Coverage 25m x 2mm wide x 5mm deep crack per 500ml unit
Curing time 4 hours at 0-5°C
Minimum application temperature 0°C
Pot life Up to 20 minutes.

Surface preparation

Clean and rake out cracks ensuring that they are dry and free from dust etc. It is not normally necessary to 'chase out' cracks. 


Each Watco Fine Crack Filler and Watco Fine Crack Filler Cold Cure pack contains a tin of curing agent and a separate tin of resin. Add the contents of the curing agent tin to the tin of resin and stir thoroughly with a flat bladed mixer, or a slow speed drill fitted with a paddle. Scrape down the sides and bottom of the tin during mixing to avoid unblended resin/curing agent creating ‘soft spots’ in the cured product.


Pour carefully out of the tin onto and along the line of the crack and level off by using a straight edge or plastic/rubber scraper. Wipe away any excess. Leave to harden for 4 hours at 20°C before coating or overlaying. The repair may be coated with any type of floor paint or high performance coating e.g. Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat

Please note: Cracks in floors where one side has subsided can also be filled, but it will be impossible under these circumstances to achieve a flush finish. Watco Concrex may be used to make up differences in floor levels.

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