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1st December 2023

Introducing Nullifire's Fire Protection Range

Recognising the critical importance of passive fire protection, Watco are pleased to announce the addition of Nullifire's Fire Protection to their range. With over 50 years experience in the construction industry, Nullifire offers market leading passive fire protection solutions to help protect people and buildings from fire. Passive fire protection is complex but crucially important. Nullifire’s Smart Protection solutions provide products that are needed at every stage of a Fire Protection project.


Wall and Floor Penetration Sealing

Creating a barrier against the spread of fire through openings and gaps between walls and floors.


Pipe and Cable Penetration Closing

Heat activated pipe closure straps prevent fire from traveling through openings by expanding to close them securely.


Specialist Sealants for Linear and Movement Seals

Ensure the integrity of the fire protection systems remains intact in areas prone to movement.


Linear Movement and Specialist Building Gap Seals

Moisture-curing foam particularly suited to sealing fire doors and linear gaps.


Learn more about Nullifire's Smart Protection solutions and how it can help to improve the safety and fire protection standards within your building. Or, go to for more information.


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