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How to approach going back to work

All the questions you might have, answered 

Getting to know your floor again

With many businesses up and down the country opening after months of closure, many of us are having to take the time to assess our premises and see what needs to be done before normality returns.

To help you get started, we've created a checklist of things to think about before you get back to business once again.

Start off with a clean

The first step to preparing your work environment for a safe return starts with a thorough clean of the floor and any equipment. It will also provide the perfect surface for applying any paint, tapes or floor markers later on.

Watco Bio D is a non-hazardous water-based cleaner which will quickly and easily remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated since lockdown started.

Features & benefits
• Virtually solvent free and biodegradable 
• Easy to use, simply rinse away or mop up with absorbent granules
• Eliminates the need for a second stage cleaner
• Perfect for confined or odour sensitive areas
• Ideal for preparation if you're thinking about repairs or painting

Move on to safety and general maintenance 

Maintaining or refurbishing a floor is difficult and awkward. Areas in constant use can often become dirty, damaged and slippery, but with production in full swing, maintenance and essential repairs can be difficult. This work usually has to be rushed through Christmas or Easter shutdown. Now there is a window of opportunity to get the floor sorted before your premises are fully reopened.

This is also a good time to check health and safety aspects of your floor, such as trip hazards, slippery surfaces and get essential safety jobs done before everyone gets back. 

Repair trip hazards: Fill and repair holes, cracks and trip hazards with Watco Concrex, the no.1 epoxy resin floor repair mortar.

Highlight step nosings: Use Watco Stepmarker, a solvent based epoxy resin, to highlight step nosings, or Watco High Visibility Paint, a water-based acrylic, on outside kerbs or hazards.

Instant solutions for potholes: Watco Bitu-Mend (cold fill bitumen-based repair) is an instant solution for potholes in the yard outside.

Fill cracks and surface damage: Repair small cracks using Watco Fine Crack Filler to fix surface imperfections and avoid further damage.

Take the opportunity to paint

While things are still quiet and there is little to no one around, now is the ideal opportunity to paint the floor and give it the right amount of time to completely dry before it goes back into full use. Our floor paints are chosen time and time again because they are easy to use and give a long lasting finish, every time.

For a smooth finish:

Watco Epoxicote High Build, a 100% solids epoxy resin, is perfect for heavy wear areas. One thick, glossy coat gives a durable, attractive floor which will welcome your staff back with a 'wow factor'. 

The wide colour range of Watco Concrete Floor Paint,  Spectrum or Epoxy Gloss Coat (for heavier wear areas) will help when colour-coding the floor.  Walkways, one-way routes, storage or circulation areas can be identified using different colours.  This gives a really effective visual reminder to staff and visitors of where they should or shouldn’t be.


For an anti slip finish:

Check the floors are not slippery as a result of airborne dust and contaminants settling on it while you've been away. Larger slippery floors can be made safe using Watco Safety Coat - an attractive, easy to clean water-based epoxy resin coating. 

For smaller areas that require extreme slip resistance use Watco Safety Grip, a 100% solids epoxy resin ideal for making wet or oily steps and ramps safe inside and out.

The all important: Covid-19 safety and social distancing

By now you've given your premises a thorough clean, repaired any damage and potentially given your floors a fresh coat of paint. This has now provided you with the perfect foundations for thinking about tapes, floor markers and signage. It's what's on everybody's mind - how do I make my work environment Covid-secure? 

Tapes, Floor Markers, Signage and Matting are ideal for encouraging social distancing, marking out aisles and walkways, and keeping staff and visitors conscious of your COVID-19 safety measures. We've put together a guide on safe social distancing and how to do it right. For more information - click 'view guide' below.

Featured products

Watco Bio-D

Watco Bio-D

A heavy duty biodegradable cleaner for floor preparation

From £25.80 (Ex VAT)

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Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

For super strength long lasting repairs to concrete floors, ramps & steps

From £115.75 (Ex VAT)

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Watco Bitu-Mend® Pothole Repair

Watco Bitu-Mend® Pothole Repair

For use on exterior potholed asphalt and concrete. Pathways, Car Parks, Roads

From £68.85 (Ex VAT)

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Watco Epoxicote High Build

Watco Epoxicote High Build

Extra thick for heavy traffic areas in warehouses, garages, receptions, oil & chemical areas

From £198.70 (Ex VAT)

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Watco Safety Coat

Watco Safety Coat

A two part epoxy with pre-blended aggregate for an even, easy clean, fine anti slip finish

From £182.80 (Ex VAT)

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Watco Safety Grip

Watco Safety Grip

For steps, ramps and floors, in wet or oily areas. Coarse anti slip finish to reduce accidents

From £134.15 (Ex VAT)

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