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Watco Roofite

Quick, easy and long lasting roof repairs

  • Thick, bitumen blended with rubber + fibre reinforced
  • Flexible coating will not soften in the sun or go brittle in the cold
  • One coat bridges cracks and splits
  • Suitable for concrete, metal and felted roofs
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Delivery options
Next day delivery slots available upon request. Call us on 01483 418418 for details.

The only coat you need in wet weather is Watco Roofite®

Thick bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement that weatherproofs and refurbishes roofs

Select an icon to see the benefit

Select an icon to see the benefit

Repair and strengthen your roof

A leaky roof can cause all sorts of problems. Not only can re-roofing be extremely costly, leaks can damage the interior leading to further expense to put it right. It can also cause a potential slip hazard on the floors below and disrupt production, so use Watco Roofite for quick and easy repairs. 

Our specialist Roofite range can seal splits, cracks and holes and can even waterproof your roof in the pouring rain with just one coat. Providing an extra strong finish, a single layer of our industry-leading coating guarantees that wet weather stays outside.

  • Watco Roofite covers 5m² per 5kg
  • Suitable for porous asbestos and fibre sheets, corrugated iron, concrete, tiles and felt
  • Only one coat required for a strong, long-lasting finish
  • Fully cures in 24 hours
  • Dries to a black finish, which weathers to a matt grey

Why regular roof checks are important

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Leaks can be identified quickly

Once splits, cracks and holes in your roof are located, action to repair them can take place sooner

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Costly re-roofing is avoided

Repairing roof damage as soon as it is identified prevents large and costly projects from being undertaken at a later date

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Disruptions to your site are minimised

Ensuring the roof is safe and that any repairs are underway allows your site to remain open and avoids disturbances to daily operations

Explore the Roofite range

Watco Roofite is available in three formulations, each designed to tackle specific repairs and provide different additional benefits. Roofite Solar Reflective has all the same benefits as our original Roofite formulation, but with a silver grey finish and aluminium composition that will reflect heat. For any repair, we'd always recommend using Roofite Reinforcing Scrim to bridge large cracks and holes before applying Watco Roofite or Roofite Solar Reflective.

Roofite Pour & Restore is our thick, flexible and totally watertight roof coating, which allows large areas of flat roof to be refurbished quickly and easily. 

Lastly, Roofite Repair Mortar specialises in repairing the areas around pipes and gutters, while filling horizontal and vertical holes and depressions, preventing water from sitting in one place.

At Watco, we have a history of excellence

When it comes to making repairs, we have the know-how. We've been providing durable and long-lasting repair products for almost a century. Our products are put through rigorous testing, so you know they're not only easy to apply but will stand tough in the harshest industrial environments. 

Everything you need to know



Watco Roofite® waterproofs and seals and is suitable for many exterior surfaces. Easy to brush on, Roofite® avoids costly re-roofing and can be used as an emergency leak repair, even in the pouring rain!

Recommended areas of use

  • Ideal for repairs to split, cracked, holed and porous asbestos, corrugated iron, concrete, tiled and felted roofs
  • For flat roofs which will be regularly walked on, please refer to Watco Liquid Roof Membrane Anti Slip


  • Flexible – will not sag and flow in the summer or become brittle in winter
  • Heavy duty rubber/bitumen compound
  • Repairs leaks even in pouring rain
  • Fibre reinforced and flexible
  • For complete refurbishment or emergency repairs
  • Easily applied by brush


Properties Thick bitumen, rubber and tough fibre reinforcement that weatherproofs and refurbishes roofs, bridges small holes/cracks and splits even in the pouring rain, easy brush-on application, heavy duty
Suitable for Porous asbestos and fibre sheets, corrugated iron, concrete, tiles, felt
Finish Black, weathers to matt grey
Interior or Exterior Exterior
Primer required No
Composition Single pack blend of rubber and polymer modified bitumen
Coverage 5m² per 5kg
Recommended number of coats 1
Application tools Brush
Application Apply generously by brush
Curing time (at 10°C) 24 hours
Minimum application temperature 5°C
Principle limitations Roofite and Roofite Solar Reflective are not suitable for coating bare wooden substrates in order to form a waterproofing seal. Entrapped moisture on porous surfaces may cause blistering in warm weather or spalling at low temperatures. Only limited emergency patch repairs should therefore be made to porous surfaces while wet. Not suitable for use on EPDM rubber roofs. Check compatibility with other surfaces if in doubt. As it is common with all bitumen based products, black Roofite will gradually weather to grey colour For flat roofs which will be regularly walked on, please refer to Anti Slip Liquid Roof Membrane
Cleaning tools Use white spirit before the product dries


Surface preparation

Surfaces should preferably be as dry as possible. Emergency patch repairs can however be successfully completed to surfaces with running water. Remove any loose material and dirt. Very porous, dry surfaces should be primed with Watco Roofite diluted with 25% white spirit. A wire brush should be used to remove all traces of moss etc. A fungicide may be required for heavily contaminated surfaces. Specialist advice must be sought when dealing with old asbestos/cement roofs.


The coating should be applied generously by brush at the rate of 1m² per kilo. If a second coat is required it should be applied at right angles to the first coat. Do not brush out to a thin film. Cracks, splits, holes and leaks around roof sheet overlaps should be treated in the following manner.

Apply a generous coat of Watco Roofite and immediately bed in a strip of Watco Scrim cut to a suitable size. Apply a further coat of Watco Roofite over the scrim using a stippling action and leave to cure. Deep pits and cracks in flat concrete roofs etc can be filled with a mortar consisting of Watco Roofite mixed with Roofite Additive. The surface should be primed first with Watco Roofite before trowelling in the Watco Roofite and additive mix.

In exceptional temperature conditions advice should be obtained from Watco’s Technical Department.


For flat roofs which will be regularly walked on, please refer to Watco Liquid Roof Membrane Anti Slip

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Watco Roofite

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