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Watco Concrex Cold Set - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Long lasting formula for concrete repairs in cold conditions

  • Cures at 0°C
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Impervious and non-dusting
  • So strong it can be feather-edged
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Concrex® Cold Set has the same features as the traditional Concrex® with the added benefit of the ability to cure in low temperatures. Ideal for winter use and cold room conditions.

Recommended areas of use

  • Suitable for use inside and out
  • Concrete, sand and cement, metal
  • Holes in concrete floors
  • Damaged steps
  • Broken floor joints
  • Eroded, uneven concrete


  • Easy to apply. Takes heavy traffic after 12-16 hours at 20°C
  • Coverage 1.2m² per 10kg at 5mm thick
  • Virtually indestructible, more than double the compressive strength of concrete. Full strength achieved at 5mm thickness
  • Minimal prep time saves labour costs; mix and apply in minutes
  • Watco Tack Coat Sub Zero is essential for shallow applications and screeding


Properties Incredibly tough, granite–hard finish, chemical–resistant, anti–slip, priming not normally required, impervious and non-dusting, may be feather-edged, cures in 6–8 hours at ambient temperatures
Suitable for Concrete, sand & cement and metal
Finish Smooth, impervious surface
Interior or Exterior Exterior, Interior
Primer required Yes, Watco Tack Coat is recommended
Composition Finely graded sand pre-blended with resin. A 10kg contains 4 small bottles of curing agent, a 25kg includes 2 large bottles of coloured curing agent
Coverage 10kg: 1.2m² at 5mm thick per 10kg. 25kg: 3m² at 5mm thick
Application tools Steel float or trowel
Application Trowel the mortar firmly into the repair
Curing time (at 0°C) 24 hours
Minimum application temperature 0°C
Pot life Up to 30 minutes
Storage Between 10°C - 30°C. Do not allow to freeze
Shelf life 12 months in unopened container
Principle limitations Do not apply to wet surfaces. Watco Tack Coat Sub Zero should be used for application to damp surfaces before applying Watco Concrex Cold Set. Please refer to Watco Tack Coat data sheet for further information. These products should not be subjected to temperatures above 60°C
Cleaning tools Use white spirit before product starts to cure


Surface preparation

Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of all loose material. Wire brushing or sweeping is generally sufficient. Watco Bio-D degreaser can be used to remove grease and oil. If the surface is damp, it can be primed with Watco Tack Coat Sub Zero.


The resin content of Watco Concrex Cold Set is very high. This means that a primer is not usually required when filling holes in concrete floors or resurfacing rough or damaged concrete. Watco Tack Coat Sub Zero adhesive primer is recommended when using Concrex Cold Set as a thin section screed over smooth surfaces. It is also recommended when repairing intricate/high impact areas such as broken floor joint edges, and damaged step nosings. Watco Tack Coat Sub Zero can also be used at the same low temperatures as Concrex Cold Set. Watco Concrex Cold Set should ideally be applied to a dry surface, but if the surface is damp Watco Tack Coat Sub Zero should be used as a primer.


Wear protective gloves. Watco Concrex Cold Set – The resin and the sand are already pre-blended. There are 4 bottles of grey curing agent supplied with a 10kg unit of Concrex Cold Set, and 1 tin of coloured curing agent supplied with a 10kg unit of Concrex Colours Cold Set. There are 2 larger bottles of grey curing agent and 2 tins of coloured agent in the 25kg packs The curing agent is added to the sand/resin at point of use, and once mixed the mortar should be used within 30-60 minutes depending upon temperature. Do not mix inside the plastic bucket. Tip the sand/resin into a mixing tray or on a board. Shake the bottles of curing agent until the liquid is a uniform grey. The tins of coloured curing agent should be stirred thoroughly. Form the sand/resin into a mound and leave a small hole in the middle. Empty the curing agent into the hole, ensuring the tin is completely drained. Carefully mix the aggregate with the curing agent using a trowel until a smooth mortar is obtained, this will take several minutes. The more thorough the mixing, the ‘wetter’, smoother and more manageable the mix becomes. Alternatively, you can knead the mixture by hand wearing suitable gloves. It is important to mix thoroughly until you achieve a consistent colour. A ‘Cretangle’ or suitable open pan mixer can be used to mix large quantities. 


Trowel the mortar firmly into the repair and finish with a trowel or float. To get a good smooth finish, regularly wipe the surface of the trowel with a cloth dampened with white spirit. Watco Concrex Cold Set are normally applied at 5-50mm thick, but repairs can be feather-edged if most of the repair is at least 5mm thick.




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Watco Concrex Cold Set - Epoxy Repair Mortar

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