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Concrete Cracks & Joints Repair

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    • Watco Floor Joint Sealant

      A flexible seal for cracks in concrete flooring and expansion joints. Based on the latest polyurethane technology, our pourable, two-part Floor Joint Sealant protects floor joints and slab edges. Floor Joint Sealant Primer is essential before use. For deep joints, we recommend Watco Back Up Rods.

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    • Watco Flexible Joint Repair

      A heavy duty flexible repair for expansion joints. This tough, flexible filler means what is usually a two stage job is now just one simple process.

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    • Fine Crack Filler

      Available in Original and Cold Cure formulations.

      Our tough solution for fine cracks. A no-shrink two-part epoxy liquid that doesn’t require sanding down and is ideal for interior and exterior cracks 2 to 3mm wide.

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    Concrex Fine Filler, quick and easy resin paste for filling small gaps, cracks and holes in concrete and masonry
    • Concrex Fine Filler 1.5KG

      An easy to use epoxy resin concrete filler for repairing minor imperfections in floors before painting.

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    • Flexible Crack Sealant Tremco - SP540

      Easy to apply, flexible sealant designed for floors and walls. Watco® Flexible Crack Sealant fills and seals joints or cracks between 3 and 25mm wide to form a hardwearing, chemical resistant repair that moves with your material.

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    • Putty Patch 10 Kg

      A mouldable material designed for quick repairs to concrete, inside and out.

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    • Watco High Strength Epoxy Resin Grout

      With outstanding adhesion, strength, and versatility, this epoxy resin grout will permanently hold fixings in place.

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    • Spouted Jug 2L

      Use this plastic spouted jug with Watco Floor Joint Sealant or Watco Asphalt Crack Filler

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