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When good floors go bad


Repairing damaged concrete flooring

As well as looking unsightly, badly maintained or damaged flooring can contribute to poor productivity, increase housekeeping costs, and present a safety risk to people working in or visiting a facility.

Holes in the surface of concrete floors tend to start with surface impact that spreads. On older concrete floors, erosion in heavy traffic areas leads to exposed aggregate popping out of the surface. It is common to have the deeper part of the hole at around 5-10mm, gradually working up to a feather edge.

Conventional cement and water-based repair materials are not strong at thin sections, they tend to be applied at a minimum of 25-50mm or they’ll break up. This means that the hole to be repaired needs to be chopped out with a hammer and chiselled to a depth of up to 50mm to accommodate the repair, making repairs a laborious and dusty job.

Using conventional cement repair mortars is also risky because they shrink very slightly as the repair dries and the water content evaporates. This causes it to pull away from the substrate, weakening the bond of the repair.

Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre

It’s easier because there is virtually no preparation - no cutting out, no priming - just sweep away any loose dirt and debris.


It’s quicker because our part pre-mixed epoxy resin mortar simply needs to be mixed with activator at the point of the repair.  


On top of this, carrying out the repair is quicker as you can simply place Watco Concrex Carbon Fibre into the hole and trowel flat, smoothing out at the edges. Concrex Carbon Fibre is also incredibly durable and suited for high traffic floors and the ‘feather-edge’ is strong enough to take forklift traffic.



It reduces downtime because the repair is ready for light traffic after only an hour and forklifts after only 4 hours – meaning you don’t have to wait until the next day.


It’s permanent because this non-dusting formulation will take the heaviest wear, metal wheeled traffic and point loading. As it doesn’t contain water, Concrex Carbon Fibre will not shrink as it cures, so the epoxy resin remains “welded” to the substrate.  


Therefore, the repair and the bond of the repair will be considerably stronger than the surrounding concrete.

Once you have repaired using Concrex Carbon Fibre it will not need repairing again.


In fact, we’re so confident of that, we’re offering a 20-year guarantee.

Want to find out more? Visit Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre – Epoxy Repair Mortar to request free samples, an instant quote, and enjoy a seamless customer service experience.

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