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A maintained surface is a better surface

Maintaining your exterior concrete floor creates a safer and more efficient working environment with a fresh look. Our range of concrete repair products quickly and easily fixes cracks and holes, while our industry-leading paints and line marking solutions add long-lasting protection.

A maintained surface is a safer surface

Over time, wear and tear can cause concrete surfaces to crack, become uneven and form potholes. This can result in a higher number of trips and subsequent injuries on your site. Uneven floors can also cause goods to fall from forklifts, trolleys and trucks, while potentially damaging the vehicles themselves.

A maintained surface is an efficient surface

Keeping a workplace operating smoothly is important for every business and concrete floors are no different. Letting damaged floors remain in disrepair can result in expensive restoration, while significantly reducing a businesses productivity.

A maintained surface is an appealing surface

A surface that is clearly looked after sends a message to both staff and clients. While allowing employees to take pride in their working environment and ensuring future damage is limited, visitors to your site will get a very good first impression not just of your workplace, but of your business. 


Our step-by-step guide to

Exterior Concrete Surface Maintenance

Step 1

Review surface

When assessing any disrepair to your surface, it’s crucial you are aware of the different types of damage that can occur. Using the wrong products can lead to further damage. Calling on one of our experts can help your understanding of cracks and holes, while also identifying the best products to help carry out your repairs. 

Cracked concrete
A brush sweeping a crack

Step 2

Prepare surface

Time taken to prepare a surface before you repair it is time well spent. Proper preparation will also prevent the occurrence of new paint flaking or peeling further down the line leaving you with a better finish for longer. Our floor preparation products will help make the task easier, as Etch & Clean can remove dust that may be lying on the targeted area, while Bio-D gets rid of any oil that may have been spilt, delivering a smoother surface for repairs.

Step 3

Repair surface

Damage through wear and tear can quickly expand and become bigger, more expensive problems to address later on. Our range of repair products can mend all different types of disrepair. Small cracks and splits in your floor can easily be repaired by our Concrex range, while Flowpatch can quickly fill in large holes. Each of our repair products is easy to apply and delivers a high performing finish, creating a smooth surface to paint, while increasing safety and efficiency in your workplace.

Concrete repair
External Floor Paints

Step 4

Paint surface

A professional look to your site naturally invites visitors and employees to think highly of your business. Safety Grip is a chemically-resistant, anti slip solution that comes in a range of colours to make your concrete steps and ramps safe and appealing, while ArmourGrip is an ultra-durable coating that delivers an anti slip finish and a great first impression. 

Step 5

Line Mark

An unmaintained look for your car parks, loading bays, walkways and hazard zones can damage your organisation’s good work while leading to accidents on your site. When applying lines, it’s important that they are durable and easy to apply, while increasing safety. Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traffic Paint has been scientifically designed to be used in high traffic exterior areas, with only one coat needed, while Roadmarker can be used in cold conditions. For a flexible and chemical-resistant finish, Toughline is the perfect line marker for exterior concrete surfaces.

Line marking paints

Exterior concrete coating, repair and line marking products

Watco Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traffic Paint

Watco Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traffic Paint

For high traffic exterior surfaces including walkways, car parks, vehicle areas and hazard zones

From £159.00 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Safety Grip

Watco Safety Grip

For steps, ramps and floors, in wet or oily areas. Coarse anti slip finish to reduce accidents

From £134.15 (Ex VAT)

Watco Trafficline

Watco Trafficline

A versatile line marking paint for inside and out

From £118.50 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

Watco Concrex® Carbon Fibre - Epoxy Repair Mortar

For super strength long lasting repairs to concrete floors, ramps & steps

From £115.75 (Ex VAT)

Bulk Discounts
Watco Flowpatch

Watco Flowpatch

A pourable mortar for filling holes in concrete, inside and out

From £62.00 (Ex VAT)

Watco Toughline

Watco Toughline

Superior quality line marking paint for cold or exterior applications

From £65.15 (Ex VAT)

Watco ArmourGrip

Watco ArmourGrip

The ultimate anti slip floor coating for inside and out

£161.00 (Ex VAT)

Watco Bio-D

Watco Bio-D

A heavy duty biodegradable cleaner for floor preparation

From £25.80 (Ex VAT)

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