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Look no further than Concrex Carbon Fibre

For more than fifty years, customers have relied on Concrex to deliver exceptional performance, making it the number one epoxy resin floor repair mortar on the market. Across Europe, this strong, versatile and efficient mortar has helped to ensure reliable results for individuals working on wide range of concrete floor repair and installation jobs.

Now, a new chapter of the Concrex story is set to begin. Following extensive research and product formulation development, we are delighted to announce the launch of Concrex Carbon Fibre. The new and improved repair mortar has now joined the extensive Watco Concrex range, replacing the best-selling original formulation to achieve even greater results.

Concrex Carbon Fibre is a premium epoxy resin mortar designed to permanently repair damaged concrete floors. Because of the new carbon fibre and ceramic based formulation, it is now even stronger, more chemical resistant and dries even faster.

Incredibly durable

All Concrex Carbon Fibre repairs should be considered permanent, and will outlast the surrounding concrete floor. With a 20 year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure, Concrex Carbon Fibre provides peace of mind that the repair will last.

Resin rich

As well as being reinforced with carbon fibre and ceramic, the new formula is resin rich, having been loaded with epoxy to give you an even stronger, more permanent repair than the original Concrex – already the strongest on the market.

Quicker & easier repairs

Fast drying, the repair is ready for traffic again in 1 hour. The product can also be feather edged, making repairs quicker and easier , while interlocking sand particles further help it to achieve a stronger and smoother finish.

Excellent chemical resistance

A 15% increase in the novolac resin content of the product ensures repair jobs are unaffected by chemical spillages. This is a huge advantage over cement-based repair mortars, which can react to multiple acidic chemicals.

"By blending carbon fibre and ceramic into this formulation, we have enhanced the performance of what was already the number one  best-selling epoxy repair mortar on the market, providing Watco customers with the ultimate solution that cannot be beaten"

Steve Chanter, Product & Operations Director

The ultimate solution for...

Damaged steps

Fitting guide rails

Worn floors

Different levels


Expansion joints

Stronger, longer lasting performance

At Watco, we are proud to be recognised as a genuine industry-leader in the world of epoxy resin repair mortars. Over the years, we have worked hard to develop an extensive ‘family’ of solutions, which are helping individuals across a wide-range of trades to complete difficult tasks in a more straightforward manner. Now, with Concrex Carbon Fibre we are taking things to the next level. Benefitting from recent advances in resin technology and access to new raw materials, our chemists have devised a powerful solution that delivers stronger, faster and longer-lasting performance than anything that has come before.

A version for every type of application

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