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The fastest drying floor paint

Back to business in one day

We understand that time means money. That’s why we set our chemists the challenge of creating a paint that will dry in just one day, helping you complete projects faster. The result is Watco Fastcoat

Traditionally, floor paint could take up to a week to dry, meaning operations would have to stop. Now, thanks to Fastcoat’s polyaspartic paint formula, it’ll cure in no time at all, allowing light traffic within 6 hours.

Watco Fastcoat

Ultra quick curing

The two pack polyaspartic resin formulation allows you to have your floor cleaned, prepared and painted in a single day.

Chemical resistance

A high-quality paint with excellent chemical resistance to keep your floors looking better for longer.

Tough gloss finish

Protects against chalking, fading, weathering, and even has exceptional resistance to UV radiation.

Technologically advanced

Developed by our chemists using recent the latest in polyaspartic resin technology to produce a high performance paint for heavily used areas both inside and outside

Watco Fastcoat

Top Innovations

Listening to you helps create the best quality products on the market. That's why we've used your feedback and comments to find solutions and engineer paint technology to make your life easier.


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