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Watco Universal Sealer Dustproofer

Hardens and dustproofs weak, dusty concrete

  • Dustproofs and strengthens
  • One coat usually enough
  • Highly penetrating micronized acrylic
  • Rapid application using a broom

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A colourless liquid resin which penetrates deep into concrete or other porous materials to provide a dust proofed, hardened surface. Watco Universal Sealer Dustproofer strengthens weak, dusty screeds and poor quality concrete. It also reduces porosity and dusting on brick, blockwork and plaster walls. 

Recommended areas of use

  • Ideal for previously untreated concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Use on floors and walls, in factories, warehouses, machine shops
  • Suitable for treating cement screeds, porous tiles, brickwork, blockwork and plaster


  • Suitable for a wide range of porous surfaces
  • Low solvent content and virtually odourless
  • Very easy to apply
  • Micro porous – allows substrate to breathe

Watco Universal Sealer Dustproofer is easily applied to new or old concrete surfaces using a soft broom.

Properties Hardens and dustproofs porous concrete and similar surfaces, solvent-free and virtually odourless, very easy to apply, microporous -allows substrate to breathe, colourless.
Suitable for Floors, walls.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior.
Primer required No primer required.
Coverage 6m² per litre.
Number of coats 1
Curing time 12 hours at 15°C.

Surface preparation

A minimum of preparation is required; a good sweep to remove surface dust and dirt is often sufficient. The surface must be dry and porous to allow the Universal Sealer Dustproofer to penetrate. Oil and grease can be removed using Watco Bio D (or similar degreasant), the floor must then be rinsed with water and allowed to dry. If there is doubt that the subtrate is absorbent, pour some water onto the surface. If the water is easily absorbed, the surface is suitable for treating with Watco Universal Sealer Dustproofer. New concrete should not be treated until the surface is sufficiently dry to absorb the solutions (usually at least 7 days in good drying conditions). For more information click here. 


Apply between 10°C – 30°C only. Pour directly onto the floor from the container. Use a soft broom to distribute the solution, working it well into the surface. Ensure that the surface has absorbed as much solution as it can. Avoid ponding, i.e. do not allow any surplus unabsorbed solution to remain and subsequently dry on the surface. Use the broom to sweep any excess solution onto adjacent areas. One coat is normally sufficient on average quality concrete. A second coat may be required on exceptionally porous substrates. Allow the surface 12 – 16 hours to dry before making a second application.

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