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Watco Flowtop Spiked Roller

Releases air bubbles from Watco Flowtop®

  • Needed for the correct application of Watco Resiflow
  • For a smooth, consistent surface free from air bubbles.

Releases air from Watco Flowtop® prior to curing ensuring a bubble-free finish.

Properties Releases air from Watco Flowtop prior to curing ensuring a bubble-free finish.
Suitable for Floors.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior.

Immediately after the correct application of Watco Flowtop® the Spiked Roller should be used to improve the finish and release any trapped air. Work the Spiked Roller uniformly across the surface rolling each area 3 or 4 times from different directions. The Spiked Roller should not be used more than 20 minutes after the product has been applied (less in warm or very dry conditions) as it will then start to cure and the roller marks will not disappear.

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£20.10 (Ex VAT)

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