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Watco Compact Speed Bumps

A cost effective solution for increasing safety in car parks

  • Slows traffic to 10mph
  • Withstands 40 tonne HGVs
  • Fixings supplied
  • Can be seen in the dark
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Next day delivery slots available upon request. Call us on 01483 418418 for details.
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Watco Compact Speed Bumps are manufactured from heavy duty, recycled rubber with a textured surface to prevent skidding, making them highly effective for calming traffic. 

Watco Compact Speed Bumps are available in 500mm wide segments to suit any road width.

Recommended areas of use

  • Suitable for concrete and asphalt road surfaces


  • Slows traffic to 10mph
  • White reflectors in middle sections for night time visibility
  • Will withstand 40 tonne HGVs
  • 100mm fixing bolts supplied


Properties Cost effective solution for traffic control, slows traffic to 10mph, white reflectors in middle sections for night time
Suitable for Floors
Interior or Exterior Exterior
Application Screw speed bumps down into substrate using the fixings supplied
Width 345mm
Depth 50mm



When installing Speed Bumps standard personal protective equipment should be worn as a minimum. These include 3M dust masks (or similar), Safety goggles, heavy duty gloves and overalls.


Ensure that the areas to have Speed Ramps fitted are clean, dry and free from loose and friable material. Any “dished” or damaged surface areas should be patch repaired to provide a reasonably flat and consistent surface. Dry fit all Speed Bumps to ensure they fit freely and that they sit flat down on the surface.


The following can be used as a guide when installing the Speed Bumps:

  • Position Speed Bumps on substrate surface where they are to be installed
  • Mark out clearly where the Speed Bumps are to be drilled and fitted
  • Drill through the pre-made Fixing holes on the Speed Bump into the substrate
  • Screw Speed Bumps down into substrate using the Fixings supplied

Cleaning Guide and Tips

Whilst Speed Bumps are extremely resilient to dirt and contaminants, it can, as with most other things, become dirty.

Dirt and debris can easily be removed using a stiff brush and should be carried out on a regular basis. If Speed Bumps has been subjected to spillages or the dirt has become embedded, detergents such as Grezoff or similar can be used. It is always advisable to test any cleaning product on Speed Bumps before starting the cleaning procedure. This can be done in an inconspicuous area of the installation or, if preferred, a sample can be sent, free of charge for testing purposes.

Using the detergent, warm water and a suitable brush, scrub the areas until clean. The excess water can be removed using a wet/dry vacuum cleaner or suitable absolvable materials. Where circumstances allow, Speed Bumps can be power washed without causing harm. Care should be taken when the Speed Bumps have been stuck down and/or edge sealed as very high-pressure power washing or repeated power washing could cause damage to sealants and adhesives.


Installation Guide
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Delivery options
Next day delivery slots available upon request. Call us on 01483 418418 for details.

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Watco Compact Speed Bumps

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