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Watco Balcony Coating

Flexible, waterproof protection for balconies and walkways

  • Permanently flexible, anti slip surface
  • Resistant to weathering and UV
  • One coat usually sufficient
  • Hard wearing for heavily used surfaces

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Watco Balcony Coating is a hard wearing, flexible waterproofing coating ideal for balconies or external walkways where water ingress can cause problems. It fills hairline cracks and helps prevent the penetration of rainwater and moisture. 

It provides a flexible and hard wearing surface. Because it is applied as a liquid, it can be used to protect around pipes, rainwater outlets and protrusions more effectively than sheet materials. We recommend that cracks or floor/wall joints are bridged with Watco Fibreglass Tape in conjunction with Watco Balcony Coating. 


  • Excellent waterproofing properties
  • Permanently flexible anti slip surface – will not split with the movement of the substrate
  • Resistant to weathering and the effects of UV exposure
  • One coat usually sufficient
Suitable for Waterproofing and protecting external walkways and balconies.
Surfaces Sound asphalt, fibre cement, concrete or weathered bituminous surfaces.
Interior or Exterior Exterior.
Coverage Approximately 12.5m² per 25kg at 1mm thick .
Recommended number of coats One coat is usually sufficient.
Curing time At 15-20°C a floor treated with Watco Balcony Coating can take light traffic after approximately 16 hours and heavy traffic after 3 days. Full chemical cure is achieved over 7 days.


Surfaces must be cleaned of all grease, dust, cement laitance and other contaminants. Steel and iron surfaces must be rust free. Weak and spalled concrete must be cut back to a sound substrate and repaired using Watco Concrex. All surfaces must be thoroughly wetted to achieve saturation. A minimum air and surface temperature of 5°C is essential.


Place the powder into the bucket along with the small bag of pigment (if using the coloured version) and pour in approximately three quarters of the Watco Balcony Coating liquid. Mix using a slow speed drill and paddle mixer for approximately 3 minutes until a lump free, creamy consistency is achieved. Add the remaining liquid and mix thoroughly.


If appearance is critical, we recommend the Application of a small trial area first.

Application can be made by roller, trowel, or squeegee depending upon the finish required. The coating should be applied at approximately 1mm thick. If a second coat is required it can be applied as soon as the first is cured, normally 12-24 hours.


At 15-20°C, a floor treated with Watco Balcony Coating can take light traffic after approximately 16 hours and heavy traffic after 3 days. Full chemical curing is achieved over 7 days.

Pot Life

30 mins at 30°C, 1.5 hours at 20°C , 2 hours at 10°C.

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Tools and accessories

Watco Fibreglass Reinforcing Tape

Watco Fibreglass Reinforcing Tape

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Mixing Blade

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