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Choosing a Watco product is now less confusing

Introducing our new Product Finder

Helping you find and select the best product for your project – in just a few clicks

A quick and easy search tool at your fingertips

Developed by our team of in-house technical experts and using the latest in digital technology, it’s now even easier to narrow your search and review a list of product recommendations – specific to your unique needs. Using a ‘Question and Answer’ approach, we’ll match the detail of the job you’re doing to the product that will give the best results.

Solutions for every surface and every problem

Whether you’re working on a floor, roof or wall; repairing damage, painting floors or making surfaces waterproof – our Product Finder will make fast work of your search:

  1. Quick and easy questions tailored to different surfaces and problems
  2. Simply select the best option with a quick click
  3. And we’ll give you our expert recommendation and show you why we think it’s a good fit
  4. We’ll also suggest some alternatives that we think are worth considering
  5. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s just one more click to finalise your selection and buy

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