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Heavy Duty Traffic Paint

Our high pigment, smooth finish traffic paint for exterior surfaces including walkways, car parks, vehicle areas and hazard zones

11th October 2022 

New smooth protection for where you need it the most – Introducing Heavy Duty Traffic Paint 

Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high-performance industrial strength paint, repair and maintenance materials, has recently launched a new smooth exterior coating for heavily trafficked areas – Heavy Duty Traffic Paint. 

Further expanding their range of exterior coatings, Heavy Duty Traffic Paint is designed to offer its user excellent protection in car parks, driveways, vehicle access areas, traffic routes and pedestrian walkways and colour coding/highlighting hazardous areas.  

It's got all the benefits of their bestselling Heavy Duty Anti Slip Traffic Paint, including its exceptional strength in heavy wear areas, a high pigment level so you only need a single coat on your concrete and asphalt surfaces and excellent chemical resistance. Now you can choose between a smooth or anti slip finish (or use a combination of both) and still be confident it will stand tough in a harsh environment. 

For more information on Heavy Duty Traffic Paint, please visit:

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