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Floor Renovations at Knauf Group

Project details

Knauf are a leading producer of EPS technical and moulded parts, as well as packaging, made from foamed resins. The Knauf group is a major producer within the agri-food sector, also producing mouldings, plastic injection, extrusion and thermoforming.

Knauf needed to repair and refurbish their 680m² factory floor and chose to do this using Watco products. 

Our solution

The first step was to remove the oil and fat deposits that had become deeply ingrained in the factory’s concrete floors, we recommended using Concroff

Tack Coat was then brush applied to the floor to improve the adhesion of the concrete repair 

mortar. Next Concrex Carbon Fibre was trowel applied to fill the larger holes and finally, Concrex Fine Filler was used for any remaining minor imperfections.

The factory floors were then painted with Safety Coat. This epoxy paint is extremely durable and is renowned for its anti-slip properties, which Knauf considered essential to ensure staff safety. Risks of slipping and falls in this environment were increased by the frequency of leaks from the hydraulic machinery.

Powerfloat primer was also applied to ensure the paint adhered well.

Initial repairs using Concrex, filling in remaining minor imperfections using Concrex Fine Filler and the application of Powerfloat Primer

Products used

Case studies

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