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Alinabal Inc.'s Experience with Harsh Soap Cleans Up Nicely


Project details


After 30 years of manufacturing, a tumbler room floor at Alinabal Inc.’s facility had begun to seriously deteriorate. The company uses a heavy duty soap to wash and deburr steel parts in their industrial tumblers, then pours the liquid out onto the flooring beneath and rinses it into a trough.

Over time, harsh chemicals in the soap began to eat away at the floor. Even to the point that they had begun to expose the aggregate in the concrete! 

Worried about continued water leakage as well as further contamination to the floor, Alinabal Inc. began to look for a solution.

Alinabal Inc. knew that this project would require a unique product, as they were looking for something that would achieve minimal downtime during the repair. They were also in need of a product that would be able to withstand wet conditions regularly, since this area was still to be used for washing and deburring steel parts in the future.

In addition to these qualities, Alinabal Inc. wished to use a self-levelling product with minimal floor prep. Having used our products in the past, Alinabal Inc. again turned to our expert sales team for suggestions.

Our solution

Alinabal Inc. asked our technical advisors what the best product for the job was. They were recommended and used Flowtop®.

Flowtop® is ready for foot traffic in 6 hours. In this case, it drastically cut the downtime during repairs with its quick curing properties, and because it is 3 times stronger than standard concrete, it is also able to withstand the rinsing process that the floor would be subject to post repair.

The self-levelling characteristics of Flowtop® were just what Alinabal Inc. was looking for, and as a bonus, it created a slip resistant finish for enhanced employee safety!

Through the use of Flowtop®, Alinabal, Inc. was able to obtain a newly finished floor, and return to daily operations in a timely fashion. Employees could again efficiently squeegee water into the disposal trough, and the floor itself was no longer in danger of contamination from harsh soap chemicals!

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