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When safety is everything

Watco ArmourGrip is the ultimate anti slip protection for your floors. We've combined two of the toughest materials to give you an ultra-durable safety floor surface that can be used inside or out.

We’ve taken our toughest paint coating and an incredibly tough iron silicate aggregate (7.5 Mohs Hardness Scale) and combined the two to produce the hardest wearing, anti slip coating on the market. This 100% solids epoxy formulation gives the perfect combination of strength, durability and slip resistance.

When safety is everything, you need an anti slip coating that you can rely on. The iron silicate surface utilises different particle sizes to give it extreme slip resistance. Combine that with the fact it’s incredibly strong and what is the result? A durable anti slip surface that doesn’t wear away.

The ultimate anti slip floor coating for inside and out

Long Lasting

Formulated to last in the most heavy trafficked environments, ArmourGrip is made from a 100% solids epoxy topped with an incredibly tough iron silicate aggregate that will not wear through – in fact the forklift tyres will wear through before the coating does!

Topped with Iron Silicate

We’ve combined two of the toughest materials to give you a unique, ultra-durable surface. To maximise on strength and slip resistance we’ve used a by-product of the metal refining process known as Iron silicate. Measuring 7.5 on the Mohs Mineral Hardness Scale demonstrating it’s incredible strength.

Ultimate slip resistance

ArmourGrip’s excellent slip resistance properties are a result of using grit particle sizes between 0.15mm and 2mm combined with the Iron silicate. The PTV results prove excellent slip resistance (PTV: Dry 94.5, Wet 80), which exceed our current anti slip bestsellers.

One coat, no primer

Our goal is to make application quick and easy. This 100% solids epoxy needs only 400 microns of epoxy resin before being topped with 200 microns of the iron silicate aggregate to give you an anti-slip, maintenance free, attractive black finish.

Watco ArmourGrip Tin

Nothing goes to waste

We've listened to your feedback on formulating products that have less environmental impact, which is no easy feat when it comes to the manufacturing of paint and repair materials. 

ArmourGrip puts this into action, we've used a by-product of the metal refining process known as Iron silicate, making use of a product that would have otherwise gone to landfill.

"Safety is so important, especially where there are forklifts and vehicles. We wanted to create a product which would offer continued reassurance that hazardous areas remain safe."

Steve Chanter, Product & Operations Director

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