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Watco at Home

With our specially selected range of products, we’re here to help you with jobs in and around your home, garden and garage.

Just like all our products, they’ve been designed to cope with the toughest wear and tear so you’ll know they’ll do the job, will look good and last too.

Cleaning and Preparation

Keep your floors and surfaces clean and dust-free

Watco Basics Concrete Hardener

Dustproof, harden and protect your concrete floor in one go. And make dusty floors easy to sweep and keep clean.

  • Use on concrete paths, drives, exposed/dusty brick or blockwork
  • Also great for protecting patios and stone or concrete garden ornaments
  • Low odour and easy application – use a soft broom or brush to sweep one coat over the surface

Watco Basics Floor Cleaner

A must-have for cleaning and preparing floors before you paint them. It works hard to remove dirt, grease and oil.

  • Use on drives, patios, paths and concrete floors
  • It’s biodegradable too so won’t harm your lawn or plants
  • Dilute it with water and you can use it for regular cleaning to keep surfaces grease and dirt free


Fix unsightly cracks, holes and broken edges

Watco Basics Floor Repair Mortar

An easy mix mortar for fast and tough spot repairs.

  • Use to repair broken step edges and kerbs
  • Perfect for filling small holes and cracks in concrete paths, patio slabs and driveways
  • One tub goes a long way, approx. 1m2 at 5mm thick

Watco Basics Pourable Repair Mortar

A mix and pour mortar for larger repairs to floors and flat surfaces.

  • Mix with water and pour straight from the tub
  • Perfect for larger surface repairs
  • Dries and is ready to be walked on in just 4 hours

Driveways and Paths

Transform a tired and worn driveway or path

Watco Asphalt Crack Filler

A rubberised bitumen product for filling and repairing unsightly cracks and splits in old asphalt.

  • Use on asphalt or Tarmac driveways and paths
  • As well as repairing, it stops water getting in and causing further damage
  • Dries in 2 to 4 hours, at 20 degrees C

Watco Bitumend

A bitumen-based repair mix for easy and instant repairs to potholes in driveways and paths.

  • Use on concrete or asphalt
  • Use straight from the tub – no mixing required
  • Dries in an instant

Watco Blacktop

A bitumen-based surface coating that makes old, grey, faded drives look as good as new.

  • Use on asphalt and Tarmac driveways
  • Single coat application that hides dust and covers stains
  • Dries to a black, mid sheen finish

Watco Road Paint Rapid

A rapid drying and hardwearing floor paint for external concrete floors and asphalt. One coat of Black or Mid Grey will transform a stained, faded or drab driveway.

  • Use on external concrete or asphalt drives
  • Showerproof after just one hour
  • Tough, chlorinated rubber, single pack paint for external concrete or asphalt drives.

Garage and Concrete Floors

Freshen up with a new coat of paint

Watco Basics Floor Paint / Anti Slip Floor Paint

Seal, dustproof and brighten up drab, stained concrete with this tough, single pack polyurethane floor paint

  • Use on concrete, wood or metal
  • Perfect for store rooms, sheds, utility areas, and garages
  • If painting a surface where cars will be parked, use Watco Basics Epoxy Resin Floor Paint for best results

Watco Basics Epoxy Resin Floor Paint / Anti Slip

A tough, two part water-based epoxy resin paint that gives great results with a lasting, mid-sheen finish.

  • Ideal for garages or areas where cars are parked (car tyres can stick to conventional single pack paint and pull the paint off)
  • Virtually odourless with resistance to everyday chemicals
  • Easy roller application, stain and scratch resistant and easy to keep clean

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