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Stellar Metallic Coating - Toy Stor-age Case Study


Stellar Metallic Coating


Products Used
 Watco Flowpatch
Watco Concrex Fine Filler 
 Stellar Metallic Coating in Cobalt and Pearl
 Watco Protect Floor Polish

Located on the outskirts of Hook in Hampshire, Toy Stor-age is a new facility that opened during August 2015 for clients to store their most precious motor vehicles.  Their clients range from owners of cherished classic cars right through to modern day exotica who want the convenience of a secure location within easy reach of London and the surrounding areas. The premises can currently hold approximately 150 vehicles, with plans to expand the storage capabilities further in the future.

In addition to storing cars, Toy Stor-age offers an in-house detailing service by James Richardson of Sportscar Protection and also car maintenance by Sammy Denyer of Denyer Classic Cars with both companies providing a high quality service for the maintenance, repair, modification and servicing of pre-war, classic and prestige motor vehicles.

To transform the premises into a premium facility for his clients, Watco® was given the opportunity to showcase the first of their newly decorative finishes, Stellar Metallic Coating. From a range of six colours the cobalt was selected for the centre piece where the cars will be worked on in the detailing booth, and a pearl finish for the edging. These were chosen to complement the Toy Stor-age brand logo.


Preparing the floors
Preparing the floors



To kick start the makeover, the first stage was to prepare the floor. A shallow channel needed to be filled prior to preparation of the concrete floor for coating. Watco’s FlowPatch® was the ideal repair product for this particular job and this was supplied to Matt at Toy Stor-age who was keen to undertake this part of the project himself. Watco Flowpatch® is so easy to use, all that is required is the addition of water and a thorough mix, before it is then poured into the repair area and finished to a smooth surface with a steel float or trowel. Matt commented:

“It was super easy to mix, especially with the supplied mixer. It was clean and easy with no mess and it also cured quickly”.


Adean flooring were appointed as contractors for this particular project and their first job was to grind the floor, starting with the repaired channel and then the rest of the floor in the booth. Once complete, Watco Concrex® fine filler was used to repair any minor imperfections, as it is extremely strong and is actually stronger than concrete itself! Because two colour finishes were chosen, the next stage was to mask the centre area for the cobalt base coat.




The two inner tins of the base coat were mixed separately first, and then both were poured into the outer tin and mixed thoroughly together. The base coat was then applied to the centre section with a medium pile roller. This section was then allowed to dry for at least 16 hours. Once dry, the masking tape was removed and then new masking tape was applied so that the outer area base coat could be applied. The process for mixing, application and drying was exactly the same.

The top coat process is very similar, and again both inner tins (resin and curing agent) were mixed independently prior to pouring into the outer tin. The supplied colour pigment was added into the outer tin and all three components were thoroughly mixed together. The mixed components were then poured into a scuttle and applied using a medium pile roller. The coating goes on white, but during the curing process, the top coat becomes clear to produce the metallic effect finish. It is recommended to wait up to 16 hours to dry, depending on the surrounding temperature. Again in this case the process was repeated for the outer ‘pearl’ coloured area.


Masking The Floor   Applying Stellar Metallic Coating   Applying Stellar Metallic Coating Top Coat


As a finishing touch the floor was given a polish with the simple to use Watco Protect Floor Polish which helps preserve the life of the coating and also makes cleaning that much easier. Using any of the Watco Protect cleaners or degreasers will help keep maintenance efforts minimal but with the satisfaction of a shiny brand new floor. 


The Final Result

“It looked easy to apply and has improved the light in the Booth of Truth. It has a wow factor that will have instant impact with my customers and will be easy to maintain”.

- Matt Coben, owner of Toy Stor-age. 

Before Metallic Coating   After Metallic Coating 
Before Stellar Metallic Coating    After Stellar Metallic Coating


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