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Supermarkets have changed dramatically in recent decades. Shops are expanding to keep up with consumer demand in terms of the amount and variety of stock that they keep. Local shops are becoming superceded by superstores, and superstores can cover a huge amount of floor space! 


It has never been more important to ensure that shop floors are maintained. They are in action at all times due to an increase in shopping hours as well as an obvious increase in consumer footfall. Floors are suffering from wear and tear, so finding the time to make repairs quickly is important.


Read the industry guide below for solutions to a variety of issues that can occur on the shop floor, car parks, warehouses and loading areas. 


Supermarket Floor Repairs

Repair floors in the warehouse without interrupting the workforce

Behind the scenes, concrete floors are subjected to heavy traffic every day. This includes trucks and forklifts that move merchandise. In supermarkets it is important that nothing get in the way of fresh stock making it to the shelves. And these areas need to meet safety standards for all employees. 




Fast Drying Floor Paint for Warehouses

How to apply floor paint without impacting productivity

Rather than leaving your concrete floors bare, you can choose to apply a floor paint to your warehouse floors. Industrial paint will protect your floors from any stains, grease or oil that may be spilled and it will also make it much easier to clean!


Warehouse Floor Marking in Supermarkets

Line marking in warehouses to increase safety

Once your repair and painting projects have been completed you still have to ensure your employees are safe. It is also important that stock is well organised and easy to access, enabling employees to work more quickly and efficiently. This can decrease the risk of accidents or damage to your facilities and equipment. 


Supermarket Anti Slip Floor Tiles

Making tiled surfaces safer

Most floors in supermarket public spaces are tiled, this is because they are hard wearing and easy to clean. However, tiles can become very slippery making them dangerous, especially when subjected to hundreds of visitors every day. Use Watco products to make tiled floors safer.


Securing Supermarket Steps

Slip resistance for supermarket steps and ramps 

Nowadays escalators can be found in supermarkets and large superstores, but there will also be stairs. Just think of staff areas or fire escapes. With the ever-present risk of trips and slips, it is important that stairs are treated with an anti slip and high visibility product as soon as possible. Our products are very simple and quick to use.


Car Park Line Marking

Renovating car parks with repair coatings and products

Supermarket car parks are an important space to consider too. They are an area that is in constant use and can accommodate thousands of vehicles and customers. Being subjected to constant traffic, and poor weather in cases, will often cause floors to degrade quickly. It is essential that clear line marking is in place to reduce the chances of car accidents and make the space easy to navigate. Potholes are also a constant hazard. 



Renovating and maintaining supermarkets is not easy. At Watco, we ensure that your surface will perform well in all situations. Our in-house chemists are also constantly working to redevelop our products so that the typical application time is reduced to help you keep downtime to a minimum!


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