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Safety Grip Anti Slip Epoxy Resin


Safety Grip Anti Slip Paint Range


At Watco we have a large selection of anti slip paints and coatings to suit different needs, whether you need to prevent slips and trips on hazardous steps, create non-slip walkways and ramps, or cover large areas such as warehouses or car parks to protect your staff and customers from injuries. One of our top anti slip paints is Safety Grip - a heavy duty epoxy resin coating. With 4 variations including Cold Cure, Rapid, and Flex and up to 11 colours to choose from you'll be sure to find the ideal solution for you. Find out more about the Safety Grip range below.


Safety Grip Anti Slip Epoxy Resin

Safety Grip

  • This heavy duty anti slip paint is ideal for dangerous interior and exterior areas
  • Epoxy resin formula means Safety Grip is strong and durable and withstands constant foot or wheeled traffic
  • Coarse anti slip finish means extra traction in slippery areas, even when wet or oily
  • Easy to apply to stone, concrete and metal, usually only one coat needed 
  • Virtually solvent free & chemical resistant making it suitable for a wide range of industrial premises
  • Cures in 20 hours between 15°C - 20°C, 36 hours between 10°C - 15°C, or several days lower than 10°C
  • Each pack covers up to 5m²
  • Available in a great range of 11 colours, including greys, reds, blues, greens and more
  • Priced at £108.00, with price breaks when you buy 4, or 10 and over
    Safety Grip Cold Cure

    Safety Grip Cold Cure

  • Get all the hard wearing, anti slip benefits of Safety Grip even in low temperatures
  • Cures at temperatures as low as 0°C
  • Perfect to use on exterior areas which need refurbishment over the winter months, or in unheated interior areas such as freezers
  • Available in 10 colours
  • £114.90 for a 5m² pack, with price breaks when you buy 4+ or 10+
    Safety Grip Rapid - Fast Drying Anti Slip Paint

    Safety Grip Rapid

  • When you need to paint your premises and be back in business as soon as possible we recommend Safety Grip Rapid
  • Heavy duty anti slip paint which is touch dry in just 3 - 6 hours in temperatures above 10°C
  • After 8 - 10 hours coated areas are ready for pedestrian & forklift traffic when temperatures are above 20°C
  • In temperatures between 10°C - 15°C painted areas will be ready for light traffic in 16 hours, and forklift traffic in 24, meaning you only need to put your business on hold for one day
  • Available in 8 colours with a 5m² pack costing £114.90, with price breaks offered
    Safety Grip Flex- Flexible Anti Slip Floor Coating

    Safety Grip Flex

  • A flexible and tough anti slip paint
  • Designed for areas that are subjected to constant vibrations which can cause cracking and splitting to weaker coatings
  • Ideal for use around machinery or on mezzanine levels
  • Safety Grip Flex moves and flexes with your floors, meaning you avoid costly repairs
  • Choose from 3 colours, Blue, Grey, or Tile Red
  • In well ventilated areas and temperatures between 15°C and 20°C curing times range between 8 - 12 hours for recoating, and 12 hours for traffic
  • Cover 5m² for £113.80, with price breaks available





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