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Watco Resiflow Flex

A polyurethane self-smoothing, flexible coating for heavy wear areas with movement

  • Resist cracking on floors subject to movement and vibration
  • Self smoothing 1-2mm thick polyurethane coating
  • Ultra tough and chemical resistant
  • High gloss, easy clean surface
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Watco Resiflow Flex is an advanced polyurethane, developed as a self-smoothing high build floor coating. It is suitable for application at a thickness of 1-6mm and leaves a seamless, glossy, chemical resistant finish. Just pour on to the floor and distribute with a trowel. The product will flow and smooth out easily to provide a first class, exceptionally durable surface. Cracks and holes can be covered in the same application, as Watco Resiflow Flex will cope with movement and vibration generated around these areas.

Recommended areas of use

  • Ideal for use on floors subject to slight movement


  • Advanced polyurethane formulation for heavy wear areas
  • Fills cracks and bridges small gaps
  • Resists vibration and expansion and contraction
  • Ideal for flexible mezzanine floors
  • Helps suppress noise
  • More comfortable under foot
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Virtually odourless


Properties Fills cracks and bridges small gaps, resists vibration, expansion and contraction, Ideal for flexible mezzanine floors, helps suppress noise, more comfortable under foot, excellent chemical resistance.
Suitable for Concrete, old asphalt/tarmac, flat metal, wood
Finish Glossy, smooth
Interior or Exterior Interior
Composition 2 part polyurethane
Coverage 7m² at 1mm per 13kg unit
Number of coats 1
Dry film thickness 1-2mm
Curing time 12 hours at 15°C
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Pot life 20-30 minutes at 20°C, higher temperatures can reduce the pot life.


Surface preparation

Concrete - Concrete to be treated must be at least four weeks old, completely dry and free of surface laitance (a weak dusty layer on concrete), contaminants and any previous poorly bonded coatings. All traces of grease or oil should be removed with Watco Bio-D (or similar degreasant) and the area thoroughly washed off and allowed to dry. Very smooth concrete or concrete with surface laitance should be etched with Watco Etch & Clean to ensure adequate Adhesion. The concrete should be thoroughly washed down and allowed to dry after treatment with Watco Etch & Clean. 

Stone - Stone should be dry and free of all loose surface material and contaminants. Previously painted surfaces should be thoroughly abraded by sanding to improve Adhesion and to remove any weak or loose material. A trial area is advisable to test compatibility with previous coatings. 

Bare Metal - Remove any rust and flaking material by disc grinding or wire brushing. Apply the coating immediately after Preparation to the clean metal surface. Grease or oil can be removed using Watco Bio-D - a solvent free degreaser. Allow the metal to dry before coating. Galvanised metal should be treated with Watco Galvaprime.


Remove all components from outer bucket. Pour the contents of the resin and curing agent tins into the bucket and mix thoroughly with a Mixing blade (available from Watco) fitted to a low speed (no more than 500rpm) drill. Slowly add the blended aggregate and continue to mix until an even, lump free consistency is achieved. Try not to mix too aggressively, causing air to enter the mix. 


If appearance is critical we recommend the Application of a small trial area first. 

Once mixed apply immediately. Tip the mixed product onto the floor and spread with a trowel. The trowel marks will disappear, as the product will visibly seal-heal fairly quickly. Aim to apply the product at a thickness of 1-2mm. It is acceptable to apply it up to 6mm if covering a rough area of concrete or filling holes and cracks. For additional Applications, it would be beneficial to use a Watco Spiked Roller to release any air bubbles, followed by a trowel to finish.



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Watco Resiflow Flex

Watco Resiflow Flex

A polyurethane self-smoothing, flexible coating for heavy wear areas with movement

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