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Watco Resiflow Application Kit

Everything you need for an easy application of Watco Resiflow

  • Save over £15 and get everything you need
  • Mixing Blade – To thoroughly mix the components
  • Resiflow Applicator - To spread Resiflow evenly across the area
  • Spiked Roller & Telescopic Handle - Ensuring a smooth, bubble-free finish
  • Wallet and gloves - To protect your hands and avoid any mess
  • High quality tools for a professional finish

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£270.20 (Ex VAT)

This item: Watco Resiflow Application Kit £79.90 (Ex VAT)


The Watco Resiflow Application Kit provides you with everything you need to mix and apply our ultimate high build coating; Resiflow, for just £79.90 – that’s a saving of over £15.

By using our kit, you’re not only saving money, but you’ll also have everything you need to ensure your end result is both durable and professional.


The resiflow application kit includes:

  • Mixing Blade – to thoroughly mix all the components together until uniform in colour and consistency.
  • Resiflow applicator – To spread the coating evenly across the area. The applicator has a built-in depth guide, which makes it easier to achieve the required thickness.
  • Spiked Roller and telescopic handle – to remove any air bubbles which appear in the coating after application. This will ensure a smooth, bubble free finish.
  • Wallet and gloves – to protect your hands and avoid any mess

You may also require Resiflow Spiked Shoes, which are sold separately and can be found in the Frequently bought together section above. These should be worn if you need to walk across the wet floor.


Prepare the surface accordingly (see Resiflow technical datasheet).


Remove all three components from the outer bucket. Stir the contents of the coloured resin tin thoroughly, and then do the same for the clear curing agent, (scrape around the inside of the tins to remove any residue). Pour the resin into the outer bucket, and using a mixing blade fitted to a slow speed electric drill, (do not use a high speed drill as this will pull too much air into the mix and encourage air bubbles to form), start to mix while slowly adding the curing agent. When thoroughly mixed add the fine powder blend, mixing for 2-3 minutes until uniform in colour and consistency, ensuring that all material at the sides and base are thoroughly blended together. It is possible to hand mix small quantities but great care must be taken. The mixed components must be used immediately. To assist with mixing and application, we recommend 1 person to mix continuously, whilst the other gradually adds the powder blend. Important - once the contents of the pack have been mixed, a chemical reaction takes place which creates heat. The product should therefore be used straight away.


To watch our online video, please go to Best results are obtained in warm (minimum of 15°C), dry conditions with good ventilation. Application on cold surfaces can reduce the product’s ability to flow. Working in sections of approximately 5m², pour the mixed components onto the prepared surface in ribbons and spread evenly to the desired depth of 1-2mm using a Watco Resiflow Applicator, or similar notched trowel. The applicator has a built in depth guide which makes it easier to achieve the required thickness. The product will naturally self-level. Use a spiked roller to remove air bubbles and repeat a few minutes later and thereafter if air bubbles continue to form. Application within the 5m section needs to be completed within 15-20 minutes maximum. Do not spike roller for longer than 20 minutes or track marks will be left on the surface. Spike rollering should extend into the previously applied section, but ensure that this has not hardened to such a degree that spiked rollering is not possible. If a knife cut in the wet surface heals quickly, the surface is still safe to roller. Spiked shoes, should be worn if you need to walk across the wet floor. Do not wash or allow water to lie on the surface for at least 7 days.

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£79.90 (Ex VAT)

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Tools and accessories

Watco Resiflow Applicator

Watco Resiflow Applicator

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Watco Resiflow Spiked Roller

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Mixing Blade

Mixing Blade

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Spiked Shoes

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