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Watco Hygienic Wall Coating

Tough, scrubbable coating tested for contact with drinking water

  • Hygienic scrubbable and chemical resistant
  • Excellent adhesion to smooth surfaces
  • Protects against fungal degradation and bacterial growth

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A two part epoxy based hygienic wall coating which has excellent wear/abrasion and chemical resistance. It is easy to clean on several surfaces, particularly ceramic tiles.

Recommended areas of use

  • Industrial processing areas (especially for the electronics, food and drinks industry), veterinary areas, hospitals, laundries, changing rooms, showers, toilets


  • Will not support fungal or bacterial growth
  • Excellent adhesion, even on damp surfaces
  • Excellent wear and abrasion resistant epoxy formula
  • Excellent chemical resistance and non toxic
  • Easy clean finish
  • Apply to plaster, ceramic tile, brick, blockwork or concrete surfaces
  • Epoxy based, two part pack
Properties Easily cleaned, will not support fungal growth or bacterial growth, excellent adhesion (even on damp surfaces), scrub and abrasion resistant, non-toxic.
Surfaces Walls.
Interior or Exterior Interior.
Primer required No primer required.
Coverage 20m² per 3L per coat.
Number of coats 2
Pot time (hours) 1-2 hours at 20°C.
Curing time 12 hours at 20°C.

Surface preparation

Plaster, Concrete, Brick and Masonry
Plaster should be dry and thoroughly cured. Any soft, dusty layer on new plaster should be removed. Render and concrete should preferably be dry and at least four weeks old and free of any soft laitance and contaminants. Thoroughly remove all loose material by wire brushing. General dirt etc. should be removed with Watco Bio D. The surface must be absolutely free of all contamination before the product is applied. Cracks in render and concrete may be filled using Watco Concrex.

Vertical Surfaces with Algae or Fungal Growth
Remove all growths by wire brushing. Apply a suitable fungicide solution following the manufacturer’s instructions. Painted Surfaces: Remove all defective paint and sand to create a key. Damp Surfaces: To ensure penetration, the surface should be as dry as possible, clean, sound and free of any loose material. 


Each pack consists of a container of Resin and a larger container of Curing Agent, all in a tall outer tin. Stir and empty the complete contents of each tin into the outer tin and continue stirring with a wide bladed tool very thoroughly until an even colour and texture is obtained. Alternatively use a Watco Paint Mixer. Once the product has been mixed it has a usable pot life of 1-2 hours at 20°C. At higher ambient temperatures the pot life will be reduced.


If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

Best results are obtained in warm conditions (preferably at a minimum 15°C) with good ventilation. Do not apply below 10°C. Apply using a short pile type roller (not foam). A short pile radiator roller can be used for working around obstructions. Only use a brush for ‘cutting in’ since a more even finish is achieved using a roller. Avoid applying too thickly to prevent ‘curtaining’. Do not re-work areas of coating or attempt to even out areas which are starting to cure and showing differences in colour. Any colour differences should disappear when the coating is thoroughly cured. The second coat should be applied within 24 hours. On high suction backgrounds or very damp surfaces three or more coats may be required. The first coat on damp surfaces may appear streaky. This effect will reduce after curing. In exceptional temperature conditions advice should be obtained from Watco’s Technical Department.

Store at a minimum temperature of 15-25ºC for 8 hours prior to use. Do not allow the product to freeze.

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Useful information

Our Hygienic Wall Coating needs to be applied in two coats. It’s supplied as a tin of resin and a tin of curing agent. And when you mix the contents of the two tins together, it starts a reaction which causes the paint to cure.

If you’re painting an area of 30m², you’ll need four 3L tins (because, once mixed, a tin won't keep for the second coat).

Here’s how we work it out:

  • Area to be painted: 30m² with two coats (we recommend two coats for the best result)
  • Tins needed: 4 x 3L
  • Why: Use 2 x 3L for the first coat; and the same again for the second

Our Coverage Calculator works this out for you – that way you know you’re buying exactly the paint you need and can use, without unnecessary waste.

Do you know the size of the area?

Tools and accessories

Watco Paint Mixer

Watco Paint Mixer

A manual mixer for thorough mixing of two-part coatings

£3.00  (Ex VAT)

Paint Brush

Paint Brush

Professional paint brushes suitable for all coatings

From £2.20  (Ex VAT)

Watco Bio-D

Watco Bio-D

A heavy duty biodegradable cleaner for floor preparation

From £20.00  (Ex VAT)

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