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Watco Grip-Master

Attractive non skid finish for heavy wear areas

  • Epoxy resin coating topped with attractive skid resistant aggregate
  • Applied as one high build coat
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Takes heavy traffic including forklifts

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Watco Grip-Master provides a safer, anti slip finish for vehicles and pedestrians. The new formula uses a rapid curing coloured epoxy resin binder which holds an attractive, similar coloured anti slip aggregate. The area can be opened to traffic after only 4-6 hours in reasonable drying conditions.

Recommended areas of use

  • Concrete
  • Tarmac
  • Asphalt
  • Flat steel
  • Apply by roller to ramps, walkways (not steps), vehicle areas etc.


  • Applied as one high build coat
  • Extremely high slip resistance for vehicles and pedestrians
  • Highly visible surface
  • Virtually solvent free formula
  • Withstands forklift trucks
Suitable for Footbridges, road bridges, car park ramps, station platforms, traffic calming areas, pedestrian zones, theme parks, boat decks, disabled parking spaces, barrier approaches, shopping precincts, vehicle and pedestrian circulation areas.
Interior or Exterior Exterior.
Coverage Up to 5m² per unit. Coverage rates will be reduced on very coarse or open textured surfaces.
Recommended number of coats 1
Curing time Curing time is affected by temperature. The following can be used as a guide: 8 hours at 25°C, 10 hours at 20°C, 16 hours at 15°C, 24-48 hours at 10°C temperatures below 10°C will greatly extend or even arrest cure. Always ensure the product is fully cured.

Surface preparation

Watco Grip-Master may be applied to concrete, stone, smooth metal, asphalt and wood. New concrete surfaces should be at least 1 month old, new asphalt at least 3 months old. Surfaces should be clean and dry. Remove loose and friable material using a wire brush or scarifying machine for larger areas. Sweep or vacuum to remove debris. Grease and oil patches should be removed mechanically or using Watco Bio-D or similar degreasant. Damaged concrete surfaces can be patch repaired using Watco Concrex.

Watco Grip-Master can be applied over existing paint but the paint must be well bonded to the substrate. Remove all poorly bonded paint and abrade any glossy well bonded paint to provide a key. Metal surfaces should be clean and dry. Galvanised metal should be primed with Watco Galvaprime or similar. Watco Grip-Master is not suitable for aluminium or stainless steel. Do not apply to profiled metal surfaces such as chequer plate or any metal which flexes in service. Wood should be sanded to provide a clean, dry surface.

On new unpainted timber we recommend sealing the underside and edges with varnish (ie: all surfaces except the surface to be coated with Watco Grip-Master) to seal against damp. Asphalt and tarmac should be hosed down and allowed to dry. A wet vacuum may be useful to remove the cleaning water from the textured surface. remove any grease or oil using Watco Bio-D. Any ‘fatty’ bitumen build-up on the surface should be removed mechanically. 


Measure an area of 5m² using masking tape to mark the area where a neat line is required.


Empty the contents of the small tin into the larger tin, scraping around the inside of the tin to ensure all the contents are removed. Thoroughly mix the components for at least 2 or 3 minutes using a ‘wide bladed’ tool - a piece of wooden batten or flat bladed spatula is ideal. The mixed components must be used immediately. If left in the tin, the tin will become hot and the product quickly becomes unusable. Do not mix in the aggregate. 

Application - Epoxy Resin Binder

Pour the mixed components into a roller tray. Apply liberally to the prepared surface using a medium or long pile roller (not foam). Do not exceed the area of 5m². A paint brush may be used to produce a neat edge. 

Please ensure that the mixed components are applied within approximately 20 minutes of mixing. Temperatures above 20°C may reduce this working time. Please ensure that only as much of the area is covered with the mixed components as can be reached to broadcast the aggregate. If access around the working area is restricted, the mixed components should be applied in stages to allow for application of the aggregate. 

Application - Aggregate

Immediately after applying the mixed components, broadcast the aggregate by hand as evenly as possible over the wet surface. Bed the aggregate into the resin using a trowel. After a few minutes the mixed component may ‘bleed through’ patches of aggregate either where the mixed component was applied more thickly or the aggregate more sparingly. Apply more aggregate to these patches. Excess aggregate should be swept away once the coating has fully cured.

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