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High Strength Epoxy Resin Grout

Permanently holds fixings and bolts in place

  • Two part epoxy resin grout
  • Outstanding strength and adhesion
  • Excellent chemical resistance to acids and oils
  • Provides reliable fixings for rails, bolts and posts

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The extreme strength and adhesion properties of this 100% solids epoxy resin means you can rely on it permanently. With excellent resistance to a range of acids and oils, it is ideal for industrial environments.


  • Long lasting strength - tensile strength >30 MPa at 20°C. Compressive strength >60 MPa at 20°C
  • Use to fill voids and cracks, provides reliable fixings for bolts, railings, and posts, or to anchor machinery which vibrates in use
  • Excellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, oils and petrol
  • Each 2kg pack makes enough to fill at least 30 holes at 25mm diameter x 50mm deep
Suitable for Concrete or metal.
Interior or Exterior Interior and exterior.


Holes should be clean and sound. Avoid drilling out using a diamond drill since this leaves a very smooth finish. Surfaces should be dry. The product will be less successful in shallow holes with sloping sides.


Remove the tin of curing agent from the bucket. Mix the loose sand and resin together in the bucket using a flat bladed palette knife or similar. Add the curing agent and mix thoroughly until uniform. Use immediately.
Pot life (usable life of the mixed components).
Approximately 15 minutes at 20°C. The mixed components can become quite warm if not used immediately. 


Pour into the prepared hole. If inserting bolts etc, do so with a twisting action to prevent air pockets. Supports may be required until the product has hardened. The product will be hard to the touch after approximately 1 hour. Support bolts or railings etc. until the grout has hardened sufficiently. Allow at least 24 hours before carefully tightening bolts. Full cure and full strength are achieved after 7 days after which machinery etc may be installed. Curing times assume a temperature range of 15-20ºC or above. Lower temperatures will extend curing times. The product may not cure correctly if used at temperatures of less than 5ºC.

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