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Refresh Your School With Watco


School Floor Plan


Keeping your school environment safe and well presented is important all year round, and while the summer holidays are the perfect opportunity for larger jobs, you can still undertake maintenance throughout term time, in half terms and seasonal breaks, and even over bank holidays. With Watco you can refresh and renovate every area of your school, inside and out, and we are sharing our tips so you can plan ahead to ensure every inch of your school is a fresh and safe environment for pupils, teachers, and visitors.


Main Hall

Main School Hall


Your main hall is often a place of many uses; assembly's, lunches, dances, exams, parents evenings, and school plays or productions to name a few. With all this going on it is important to make sure that your floors are not only presentable and clean, but also safe. With Watco you can get the whole job done, and maintain your new floors for years to come.

Use a long lasting, attractive paint to improve parents and visitors impressions of your school, like Epoxy Gloss Coat. It is tough wearing, virtually odourless, has almost zero VOC's, and comes in 14 different colours, making it ideal for brightening up your main hall, and can be used to create fun patterns. To mark out lines and areas in your hall we offer Epoxyline, a very durable line marking paint which can be used to paint lines for walkways, sports games, and staging areas.

Keep these floors looking new for longer with our Protect range of cleaners and floor polish. Our highly effective floor cleaner is available in tablet form, which makes transit and storage much easier, and our floor polish helps aid cleaning, making the job easier and faster for your janitorial team.

Paint with Epoxy Gloss CoatMark out lines with EpoxylineClean with Protect Floor Cleaner TabletsFinish with Protect Floor Polish

Kitchen & Canteen

School Kitchens and Canteens


In canteens and kitchens hygiene standards are incredibly important, and Watco has developed a number of hygienic and food safe paints and coatings that will help your school live up to the high standards that are expected.


Our Food Safe Coating is a glossy floor paint which meets the requirements of EN17/3 as a non toxic product, and Wallguard will provide you with hygienic, wipe clean walls.


You can organize your kitchen and canteen area using Easy Marking Tape to define different areas of your kitchen, and to highlight queueing and seating areas out in your canteen. It is available in 7 bright colours, so it is guaranteed to stand out. Once your kitchen or canteen has been renovated, we recommend you regularly use our powerful, biodegradable Industrial Floor Degreaser Tablets to effectively degrease and clean your floors and walls. 


Stay hygienic with Food Safe CoatingProtect your walls with WallguardOrganise with Easy Marking TapeKeep Clean with Degreaser Tablets


School Playground


Slips and trips on the playground are a common occurrence, so ensure your pupils can have fun safely with Grip-master Comfort. This coating is designed with children in mind, and has a cushioned slip resistant surface made from recycled car tyres which is much less abrasive than most anti-slip paints.


If your playground area is damaged, use Bitu-mend to repair any holes or cracks. It is easy to use and very durable. It is rapid drying, so is ideal to have around for emergency repairs to your playground, or your car park.


Once you have repaired and repainted your tired playground, you can mark out different areas with Thermoline and use our number and line stencils to create play areas for different sports and games such as hopscotch.





Prevent Slips with Grip-Master ComfortRepair Holes with Bitu-mendMark Areas with ThermolineCreate Play Areas with Stencils

Car Park

School Car Park


We recommend you repair and paint your car park over summer, to make it safer for pupils, parents, staff, and visitors. Our paints come in a range of colours, enabling you to smarten up your car park, as well as marking out different areas. Using Concrex to repair your worn or holed car park surfaces will mean you have a long lasting, hard-wearing solution for your damaged concrete which can be overpainted. Alternatively you can use any leftover Bitu-Mend from your playground repairs for potholes up to 75mm.


Follow up your repairs with a coat of Anti Slip traffic paint to prevent accidents, preparing well in advance for the slippery autumn and winter terms. Available in a range of 8 colours it is ideal for painting your car park, and then highlighting different areas. Anti Slip Traffic Paint provides an evenly textured slip resistant surface which can also be applied to your playground for added colour.


Use our symbol or letter stencils with Roadmarker, our tough line marking paint, to finish off your car park. 




Repair Concrete with ConcrexPaint with Anti Slip Traffic PaintHighlight Spaces With RoadmarkerFinish with Symbol or Letter Stencils

Gym & Sports Hall

Gym & Sports Hall


In your gym you will want to protect your floors with a hard-wearing sealer that can withstand constant use, and won't become worn out quickly. Protecta-coat is a clear resin coating that will enhance the appearance of surfaces whilst also protecting them. It cures to a mid-gloss finish to protect your coloured or decorative surfaces from the heavy wear and tear of daily school life.


Prepare your floors for Protecta-Coat by removing old tape residue, stains from food and drink, or chewing gum with Protect Wax, Tar & Tape Residue Remover, before using new different coloured line marking tapes to mark out areas for a range of sports, like football pitches, tennis courts, netball courts and more. We recommend our Easy Marking Tape to colour code and mark out areas, as it comes in 6 different eye catching colours and after 24 hours the adhesive is virtually permanent.


Keep our Protect Industrial Floor Cleaner on hand to provide a high level of cleanliness all year round, it can be used on all hard floor surfaces, including concrete, painted surfaces, and vinyl so can be used in many areas of your school outside of the sports hall.



Protect Your Floors With Protecta-CoatClean Up With Residue RemoverColour Code With Easy Marking TapeFinish with Protect Floor Cleaner

Changing Rooms, Washrooms, & Showers

Showers, Washrooms & Changing Rooms


For wash rooms and changing rooms the ideal coating should be durable and easy to clean, and if it looks good that’s an added bonus! Stellar Flake System is an attractive, hard-wearing, easy to clean patterned coating that is great for bathrooms and changing rooms. The gloss finish is easy to clean and very hard-wearing, and is available in 4 different colours.


Want to increase safety and hygiene around showers or a swimming pool? Our Soft Step roll is the waterproof solution to slippery floors in changing rooms, showers and pool areas. Its free draining design provides safety and comfort for your pupils whilst the sterile treated plastic prevents the growth of funghi and bacteria. The surface is anti-slip, warm underfoot, and comfortable to walk and sit on, and comes in a range of colours so you can brighten up the area as well as providing a slip free environment.


Hygienic wall paint will make maintenance much easier and improve all important health and safety levels in the areas that most need it, and if you have tiled surfaces in your changing rooms, showers, or washrooms use our Anti Slip Tile Kit to easily and effectively ensure safety. 



Improve Appearances With Stellar Flake SystemMake Slippery, Wet Areas Safer With Soft Step MatsMake Cleaning Easier With Hygienic Wall CoatingIncrease The Safety Of Your Tiles With Anti Slip Tile Kit

Around Your School

Around Your School


The summer break is a great time to undertake general maintenance around your school, inside and out, and Watco can provide you with products for all areas around your school. Installing handrail systems will increase safety and enable you to highlight areas which are, and are not, to be walked on. Our handrail system is easy to install on flat ground or stairways and is warm to the touch, so can still be useful in the winter terms. 


Replace any worn out entrance mats with new, washable ones for easy cleaning and maintenance, or install our Entrance Plus Tiles which are highly effective at trapping and preventing dirt and water getting trodden into your carpets. This entrance system is attractive and effective at scraping off dirt, leaves, and mud, as well as absorbing moisture before it gets onto your carpets. 


Finish off your steps with a slip resistant marking paint to highlight the step edges. We recommend Stepmarker in yellow, as it will draw attention to the potential trip hazards of your step edges. Most other paints get worn down quickly by the wear and tear of regular foot traffic, but Stepmarker is based on a epoxy formula for maximum abrasion resistance.


Keep Dirt Out With Entrance MatsIdentify Walkways With HandrailsTrap Water & Dirt With Entrance Plus TilesHighlight Stairways With Stepmarker

Handy To Have

Handy To Have Around


It's always useful to have quick fixes around for emergency repairs.


We recommend Putty Patch for concrete repairs (kerb edges or step edges that could be trip hazards) as it is extremely strong, only takes 10 minutes to set, and is mouldable by hand or trowel - what could be easier?


For fast fixings use UltraBond - it will permanently bond two surfaces together with incredible strength, so is ideal for fixing shelves, whiteboards, signs and more to walls without the need for mechanical fixings or holes.







Make Emergency Repairs With Putty PatchFix It Quick With UltraBond

If you have a large job that you need advice on, call our expert sales team on 01483 418 418 for a chat, and we can arrange a site visit if needed to discuss the best solutions for you. 

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