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Latest innovations in the Watco familyLatest innovations in the Watco family

We believe in innovation

We're passionate about using your feedback to find solutions and engineer paint and repair technology to make your life easier. It's through tireless research and technological advancements that we've become the leading manufacturer and direct supplier to industries across the country.

With the help of our chemists we've recently introduced a range of products at the forefront of innovation and reliability.  They've been developed with ground-breaking resin technology to ensure excellent durability and super-quick curing. This means they'll not only save you time and money, they'll also last for years. 

We innovate to give you even stronger, harder wearing products

ArmourGrip, ultimate anti slip floor coating


The ultimate anti slip floor coating inside and out


Watco ArmourGrip® is a unique formulation that offers significant advantages over other anti slip coatings. We've combined two of the toughest materials to produce an anti slip surface that can be used inside or out. The base layer includes one thick layer of heavy duty, high build epoxy resin coating. It's then topped with an incredibly hard Iron Silicate Grit. This achieves the perfect combination of strength, durability and slip resistance, giving you a safety floor surface that will last for years with minimum maintenance.


Concrex® Carbon Fibre epoxy repair mortar

Concrex® Carbon Fibre

Epoxy resin repair mortar reinforced with carbon fibre and ceramic


Concrex® Carbon Fibre is the ultimate floor repair mortar. Based on our best-selling Concrex®, the addition of Carbon Fibre, ceramic and an increase in resin content makes this the strongest, longest lasting floor repair mortar that you can buy. To prove it, Concrex® Carbon Fibre comes with a 20-year guarantee against impact and abrasion failure. Its unique formulation outperforms the original Concrex® - already the strongest on the market - for strength, drying time, and chemical resistance.


Flowpatch® Asphalt Repair

Flowpatch® Asphalt Repair

Tough fibre reinforced repairs for asphalt and concrete


For decades we've been recommending Flowpatch® pourable repair mortar for fast and strong repairs for concrete. We've listened to your feedback and reformulated this winning solution so you can use it to repair asphalt and tarmac surfaces too. Traditionally, repairs would involve cutting out around the damaged asphalt and refilling with a similar material. With Watco Flowpatch Asphalt Repair, just pour the mixture straight over the top of the surface erosion and used to fill holes up to 100mm deep in just one layer.


Floor Joint Sealant

Floor Joint Sealant

Flexible filler for expansion and movement joints


We reformulated our two-part pourable grade flexible joint sealant so you can get all the benefits of the original formulation plus increased flexibility and a more durable, harder wearing finish. The polysulphide solution is great for filling and sealing moving and non-moving joints in concrete floors. The flexible formulation allows for 15% movement throughout the joint making it ideal for factory and warehouse floors, car parks, garages and much more.


Flexible Joint Repair

Flexible Joint Repair

Flexible repair mortar for expansion joints


We've updated the formula of our Flexible Joint Repair, so it's now even tougher and faster curing. This tough flexible filler means what is usually a two stage job is now just one simple process as it eliminates the need to reform joint edges. What's more, we've adjusted the colour so it blends in better with the surrounding concrete surface. And finally, it's made from recycled materials so you know you're doing everything you can to help the environment and reduce waste.


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These are our great innovation's formulated with our customer's needs in mind to make your projects as simple and straightforward as possible. Ready to order or talk through your project with one of our expert advisors? We're here Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:30pm via phone, email and live chat.



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We know that our repair products and high performance coatings are the best you can buy. You can try a Watco product and be confident you’ll get long lasting results and a high quality finish.

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