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Food Safe Coating in the Food Industry

The single largest manufacturing sector in the UK in terms of turnover, the food industry now has more than 7,700 companies representing more than 400,000 employees. Warehouses in this sector are subject to strict regulations in terms of hygiene as well as employee safety.

Currently, the regulatory text in force is The Food Standards Act 1999, regulating food hygiene delivered directly to the consumer. The food professionals must ensure that the food they distribute poses no health risk. Therefore, the law imposes obligations and safety requirements related to the product quality as well as the premises, transportation and equipment.

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In line with this Act, Watco has developed a range of high performance products in order to maintain the standards of food environments. A range of repair mortars was specifically designed to repair the floors in cold rooms ( epoxy repair mortars Concrex ® Cold Set, Concrex ® Sub Zero ), as well as floor paints to protect areas against microbes ( the food safe floor paint Epoxy Gloss Coat Hygienic ) and anti slip ( anti slip food safe floor paint Food Safe Coating Anti Slip ) . Our range of hygienic paints ensures optimum hygiene and cleanliness with formulations suitable for industrial environments.


Note that floor marking products also improve the safety of your employees.



Main Concerns in This Sector:


Cold Room Maintenance in the Food Industry  

Cold rooms, how to maintain them effectively?

Essential for the food industry, cold rooms used to store perishable goods in large quantities and at low temperatures are regularly subjected to deterioration. Watco has designed a range of special cold repair mortars, which dry at low temperatures to maintain cold rooms.


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Meeting cleanliness requirements in the food industry  

The challenges in meeting cleanliness requirements

Employee safety is not the only issue that arises when working in the food industry. Hygiene also plays a major role in the maintenance and choice of floor coatings. Indeed, the floor (along with the roof) is the most important element of a warehouse, and therefore must meet the quality standards of the food industry (health and safety).


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Employee safety in the food industry  

Ensure employee safety and avoid accidents at work

Slips and trips are the second most common cause of accidents in the food industry. They represent over 1,200 cases and comprise of 35% of ‘major’ injuries in the food and drink industries, impressive numbers. 


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Floor marking in food industry  

Floor marking, an alternative

Floor marking can be used as an alternative to organizing your food storage. Despite being far from solving the problems of safety or hygiene, marking makes it easier to organise the flow of traffic and identify areas at risk thanks to using the different colour codes.


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Cleaning and maintenance in the food industry  

Solve the difficulty of cleaning and maintenance

Non-food contact surfaces (floors, walls and ceilings) must be kept clean at all times. The purpose of cleaning such areas is to prevent dirt and bacteria building up in the kitchen and food storage areas.

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Managing a food warehouse is not easy with all the hygiene laws and regulations surrounding the topic. You may have noticed that at Watco, we pay particular attention to the good performance of your surfaces with our ranges specifically tailored to food industries.


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