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Watco Stepmarker 1L

Watco Stepmarker 1L

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An anti slip surface for steps, use step marking paints to provide a hard wearing coating for lines and step edges

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From £43.90
Excl. VAT
Product details
Most paints are worn out very quickly by the regular foot traffic on step edges. This coating can be applied as a single, quick drying layer and is based on a 2 part epoxy for maximum abrasion resistance.

  • Clearly highlights step edges and trip hazards
  • Slip resistant and chemical resistant
  • Can be used at temperatures as low as 5°C
  • Ready for foot traffic in 4 hours
  • Pre-blended aggregate for easy application

    Coverage: 1 litre will produce approximately 50m of 50mm wide line.

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  • Specifications
    Appearance matt
    Delivery Time (Days) standard
    Usage - Interior / Exterior exterior and well ventilated interior use
    Usage - Suitable for step edges and loading bays. can also be used as a tough line marker
    Usage - Surfaces concrete, brick, stone, wood and metals
    Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
    Coverage (m² per litre/kg) 1 litre will produce a 50mm wide line on approx 50m of step edges
    Application - Curing Time (hours) Ready for foot traffic in 4 hours at 15°C
    Application - Recommended Coats 1
    Preparation & Application
    Surface preparation
    All surfaces should be clean, dry, and free from oil and grease. Old stone surfaces may be extremely hard and shiny. The performance of Watco Stepmarker in these situations will be improved if the surface can be scarified first. If nothing else is available, vigorous use of a wire brush will assist.

    Concrete should be sound and free from laitance and dust. Timber should be hard, dry and free from oils. Abrasion is recommended. Not suitable for use on inherently oily timbers unless they are abraded thoroughly. Abrade steel to a bright surface before coating. Do not use a primer. Other metals should be clean and dry. Mask the area to be painted with masking tape.

    Ensure any interiors are well ventilated before application.

    Add the entire contents of the curing agent (smaller tin) to the contents of the resin (larger tin) and mix thoroughly with a flat bladed tool until thoroughly blended and of a uniform consistency. Pay particular attention to the sides and bottom of the can. Pour into a paint kettle or tray before application. The mixed product has a working life of approx. 6 hours at 20°C.

    If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

    Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C. At surface temperatures below 10°C the coating may stiffen during application, but this will not affect performance. Apply by brush or roller to the prepared surface. Brush application usually reduces coverage but allows a thicker coating to be used. One good coat is usually sufficient.

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