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Anti Slip Watco Concrete Floor Paint 5L

Anti Slip Watco Concrete Floor Paint 5L

(EXCL. VAT) £76.40 From (INCL. VAT) £91.68

Added texture for better, safer grip. With all the features of the standard Watco Concrete Floor Paint, Our Anti Slip version includes and additional anti-slip aggregate to give the surface better adhesion and increased grip to help prevent workplace accidents, even in wet or oily conditions.

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(EXCL. VAT) £76.40 From (INCL. VAT) £91.68
Product details
Watco Concrete Floor Paint Anti Slip is ideal for large areas or slippery concrete floors. The polyurethane advanced formula includes a fine aggregate that disperses as the paint is applied by roller. The result is a more evenly textured, more easily cleaned finish when compared with systems where grit is scattered over a wet coating.

Uses: Warehouses, factories or workshops, to improve appearance, cleanliness and safety.

Brightens and transforms drab concrete floors. Easy to apply and dries quickly to a tough, non slip finish.

  • Good slip resistance for pedestrians and light traffic
  • Economical, easy to apply and fast drying
  • Oil resistant
  • Can be applied to concrete, metal or wood
  • Available in 7 bright, strong colours

  • Coverage: Approximately 40m² per 5 litres per coat. Two coats are normally required.

    Pendulum Slip Test Values
    Dry PTVWet PTV
     67 Extremely low slip potential  60 Low slip potential 

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    Technical Data Sheet
    GHS Safety Data Sheet

    Application Video

    Appearance satin
    Delivery Time (Days) standard
    Primer Required no
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior or exterior
    Usage - Suitable for bare or painted concrete, wood and metal
    Usage - Properties hard wearing, slip resistant, economical, easy to apply, fast drying, oil resistant
    Usage - Surfaces floor
    Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
    Coverage (m² per litre/kg) 8
    Application - Drying time (hours) 12 at 15 degrees
    Application - Recommended Coats 2
    Preparation & Application
    The concrete should be clean, dry, free from any loose material and sufficiently porous to allow the paint to mechanically bond to the surface. Existing paint should be well bonded and lightly sanded to provide a key. If the concrete is new it should be left at least 28 days and the surface then treated with Watco Cemtetch to neutralise any remaining alkalinity from the cement. We recommend ‘acid etching’ bare concrete using Watco Cemtetch, a mildly acidic cleaner. Watco Cemtetch helps to provide a key on very smooth surfaces, removes general dirt and helps to remove laitance (weak, dusty cement particles) in conjunction with harsh scrubbing. Grease and oil should be removed with Watco Bio D degreasant or similar.

    If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

    The paint should be thoroughly stirred to disperse any settlement of the slip resistant aggregate. The paint should not be thinned. Apply by roller or brush and work well into the surface. Avoid applying the paint too thickly. The slip resistant aggregate may not be particularly obvious until the paint has started to dry. A brush may be used for cutting in, but brush application will not distribute the aggregate as evenly as a roller. Apply the second coat as soon as the first coat is dry (approximately 12 hours). Ensure the paint is hard dry (not just touch dry) before bringing the area back into use (generally 16 – 36 hours).

    Important Watco Slip Resistant Concrete Floor Paint should not be applied to surfaces subject to rising damp. If there is a coating of suspect origin on the floor it is advisable to paint a test area to test adhesion and cure. This is also advisable if chemicals have previously been allowed to soak into the concrete even if the area has been thoroughly cleaned. The paint should be stored at temperatures above 12°C.

    The paint is not recommended for vehicle showrooms or similar areas where cars may stand for long periods. In common with single pack paints of this type a reaction can take place between car tyres and the paint leading to delamination. We recommend a two pack epoxy system such as Watco Epoxy Gloss Coat or Watco Safety Coat for such areas. The paint is not recommended for application to very smooth power floated concrete surfaces. This product is not suitable for application to cement or latex based levelling compounds. The paint should be applied in dry, warm, well ventilated conditions.

    In exceptional temperature conditions advice should be obtained from Watco’s Technical Department.
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