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Watco Safety Coat 5L & Safety Coat Coarse 5L - New Formula

Watco Safety Coat 5L & Safety Coat Coarse 5L - New Formula

(EXCL. VAT) £146.70 From (INCL. VAT) £176.04

New formula - 50% superior adhesion.

Non-slip and easy-clean. Areas with heavy traffic need a resilient, reliable paint that also looks the part. Also available in Coarse grade finish to make wet and oily areas safer.

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Watco Safety Coat 5L & Safety Coat Coarse 5L - New Formula
Roller Frame & Handle 12" MEDIUM PILE ROLLER
£33.50 (EXCL. VAT) £40.20 (INCL. VAT)
Roller Frame & Handle 12" MEDIUM PILE ROLLER
£33.50 (EXCL. VAT) £40.20 (INCL. VAT)
Watco Safety Coat 5L & Safety Coat Coarse 5L - New Formula
Plastic Scuttle
£6.70 (EXCL. VAT) £8.04 (INCL. VAT)
Plastic Scuttle
£6.70 (EXCL. VAT) £8.04 (INCL. VAT)
(EXCL. VAT) £146.70 From (INCL. VAT) £176.04
Product Details
Watco Safety Coat & Safety Coat Coarse - Best Ever Formula

'Diamond hard' wax and ceramic dispersion has been blended with epoxy resin to make our unique safety floor coating 40% harder wearing than before.

Uses: all potentially slippery, concrete floors in heavy wear areas. 

  • Contains fine, traction-enhancing particles embedded in a tough epoxy resin coating
  • Easily applied by roller
  • Extremely durable and chemical-resistant

    Approved for use on sand and cement screed or concrete with under floor heating systems (up to 30°C surface temperature) 

    Our unique formulation gives you an evenly textured, non slip floor coating that's more reliable , attractive and easier to clean than conventional "gritty" paint.

    Watco Safety Coat Coarse contains a larger, pre-blended aggregate which provides increased slip resistance for areas which can become wet or greasy.

    Coverage approx. 30m² per 5 litres per coat. Two coats are normally required.

    Pendulum Slip Test Values
    Dry PTV
     75 Extremely low slip potential 

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    Application Video

  • Specifications
    Usage - Interior / Exterior interior
    Usage - Properties fine traction-enhancing particles, anti-slip epoxy resin floor coating, easily applied, extremely durable, chemical-resistant, non-flammable, solvent-free, virtually odourless formula, approved with under floor heating systems
    Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
    How To Apply
    Surface Preparation
    Watco Safety Coat may be applied to concrete and wooden surfaces. New concrete should be at least four weeks old. Surfaces should be clean and dry. Very smooth or new concrete should be prepared using Watco Cemtetch acid based cleaner. Cemtetch removes loose cement deposits (laitance), and light dirt and provides a key.
    Grease and oil should be removed using Watco Bio D or similar degreasant. Watco Safety Coat can be applied over existing coatings but they must be well bonded. Glossy paint should be abraded to provide a key. Existing painted surfaces can be degreased using Watco Bio D. Wooden surfaces should be abraded to remove dirt. Two or three coats may be required on open textured surfaces such as chipboard. Not recommended for use onto metal or latex levelling compounds.

    Remove the two tins from the tall outer tin. Decant all the contents of the two tins into the outer tin (scrape around the inside of the tins to remove any residue). Mix the components together very thoroughly using a spatula or similar wide bladed tool (a piece of wooden batten is ideal). Continue mixing until an even colour and consistency are obtained. Do not mix more than one unit at a time. If a paint stirrer fitted to an electric drill is used, also use the spatula to blend in any unmixed material from the sides and bottom of the tin.

    If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

    One coat of Watco Safety Coat on most surfaces will act as a priming/sealing coat. The second coat should be applied as soon as the first coat is dry (approximately 16 hours at 20°C). Best results are obtained in warm, dry conditions with a good through draught. Apply Watco Safety Coat by simulated sheepskin roller. Do not exceed the maximum coverage of 30m² per 5 litres per coat. The temperature at floor level during application and cure must be at least 15°C, preferably higher. Occasionally stirring the product will ensure a more even distribution of the aggregate.
    Case Studies


    The second largest airport in Europe was out of time and required a quick solution to help restore its floors.

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    A commercial vehicle servicing and repair company in Cardiff recently had a new floor installed in their workshop, which would inevitably be subject to oil ingress and heavy wear and tear. The appearance of this surface was also very important, as well as it needing to be safe.

    Products Used


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