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Solar Reflective Coating WHITE, 5L

Solar Reflective Coating WHITE, 5L

5 litre From £73.10  (EXCL. VAT)

An elastomeric, breathable membrane which reflects sunlight and infra red energy to keep buildings cooler. Reflects 89% of infra red radiation and 94% of visible light and will withstand up to 10 years of extreme weather and temperature changes.

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Product details

A durable coating for exterior walls and roofs with a unique formula to keep surfaces cool. Watco Solar Reflective Coating is enhanced with microspheres with low thermal conductivity to maximise solar reflection and surface cooling.

  • Waterproofs and protects
  • Flexible to allow for expansion and contraction
  • Resists surface fungal growth
  • Breathable to water vapour
  • White, matt surface
  • Easy to apply, water based acrylic polymer

    Watco Solar Reflective Coating is enhanced with fine glass microspheres to maximise solar reflection and surface cooling. Testing has shown that it reflects 89% of infra red radiation and 94% of visible light. Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) value = 88% (copies of the test certificate are available on request).

    It is capable of withstanding up to 10 years or more of extreme weather and temperature changes. For areas with regular foot traffic please see Watco Balcony Coating System.

    Coverage approx. 15 – 20m² per 5 litres per coat.

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  • Specifications
    Usage - Interior / Exterior exterior
    Usage - Suitable for Roof tiles, felted roofs, wood, masonry and concrete surfaces
    Usage - Surfaces Exterior walls and roofs
    Max Operational Temp (deg C) 20
    Application - Drying time (hours) Touch dry in approx 4 hours, withstands light traffic in 8 hours (at 15-20°C)
    Application - Recommended Coats One coat will usually provide useful solar reflective properties, but two are recommended for maximum weatherproofing protection
    Preparation & Application

    Surface Preparation
    All surfaces should be clean and free of loose material and contamination. Remove all moss, lichen, fungal growth and other contaminants. Scrape off any loose paint. Surfaces can be slightly damp but they should not be wet. Priming is not necessary.

    Asbestos/cement roofs can be successfully coated, but may require special preparation to comply with asbestos regulations. All surfaces must be clean and free from loose and dusty matter. Previous coatings should be sound and well bonded.

    Brick, masonry, stone, render and other cementitious surfaces
    Surfaces should be clean, dry and free of any loose material and contamination. Use a fungicide if necessary to remove any fungi, mildew or moss, etc. Scrape off any loose paint. Existing hard smooth, glossy paint should be lightly sanded to provide a key. Wash with a detergent solution, rinse with water and allow to dry. Make good any minor defects with external filler or a sand/cement mix. Damp down dry, absorbent surfaces with water to leave them slightly damp, but not saturated or wet.

    Wooden surfaces
    All bare wooden surfaces should be clean and dry. Not recommended for door or window frames. Do not apply to previously painted wood unless all traces of old paint have been removed.

    Application If appearance is critical we recommend the application of a small trial area first.

    Do not stir, but blend in any thin liquid that may have appeared on the surface of the product. Apply by brush or roller, leaving the first coat to become touch dry (about 4 hours) before applying the second.

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