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Vehicle repair garages

Garages are no strangers to maintenance. With so much activity, there’s bound to be repairs every now and then! Floors can become stained from engine oil or grease spills and damaged due to regular traffic. Damaged floors can also become the cause of slips and falls with holes and cracks forming on concrete surfaces.


Customers and employees could be at risk of injury, so it’s important to be aware of any maintenance or safety issues that relate to working garages. Oil resistant mortar repair, anti slip floor paint and high-performance protection products can quickly revive degraded or dangerous premises.


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Read this industry guide to discover the easy steps you can take to protect and maintain your garage. 


Repair car garage floors

Repair and smooth interior and exterior floors 

Every day, the concrete floors in garages are subjected to heavy traffic from customer vehicles, machines and foot traffic. Whether inside or outside, this excessive use tires the concrete, leaving signs of wear and tear. Eventually that general wear causes the formation of holes, and potholes are bad for business. 



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Revive and restore your floors

Revive and restore your floors

Oil spills and mechanical grease will make concrete floors slippery and dangerous, a particular cause for concern when it comes to employee safety.  Add a heavy amount of daily traffic to that and you will get damaged concrete or faded paint line markings. 



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Line marking for improved productivity and safety

Line marking for improved productivity and safety

Line markings are the most effective solution to organise your workspace and map dangerous areas in a clear way that is understandable to everyone in the vicinity. Marking the area around machinery, motor pits, parking spaces and defining walkways for staff and customers is very important. Particularly as this safety measure can be regulated by official bodies. 


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Protect garages with our safety and security products

Protect your garage with our safety products

Storey falls are far from the only cause of accidents in garages (but do look out for those open pits!) Being surrounded by large machinery, not to mention power tools, can cause or contribute to unfortunate accidents in the workplace. But there are solutions for protection and security, which are quick and easy to install, and that protect both people and tools. 



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You may have noticed that at Watco, we pay special attention to the quality of every surface with our specialty ranges of products to reduce your application time. Safe and secure garages can be easily ensured by taking the proper precautions. 


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Remember that you can ask for quotes at any time and can also receive free samples! It’s easy to work with Watco, we’re the leader in industrial maintenance products. 

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