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The UK's leading supplier of industrial floor paints, repair materials and anti slip products


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New Watco Products


We design, develop and test Watco products in our own laboratory, so we know them inside out. Our customer service team have all used the products through extensive training, from industrial repair mortars and floor paints to roofing and waterproofing materials, so they will be able to answer any questions you have.

Formulating the products ourselves means that we have complete control over their quality – we know what’s in them and know they are the of the best quality.


Stellar Flake System

Stellar Flake System - Decorative Floor Coating


A sleek decorative coating 

with outstanding wear resistance

✔ Available in 4 colours
✔ Ultra tough & easy to clean

✔ Ideal for use in work and

recreational areas


Putty Patch - Watco                                                                 

Stellar Metallic Chip

Stellar Metallic Chip Floor Coating


A unique metallic chip system 

which is decorative and durable

✔ Available in 5 colours
✔ Hard wearing and can withstand

heavy traffic
✔ Ideal for use in showrooms,

retail areas, bars, restaurants, and more


Putty Patch - Watco                                                                 

Stellar Metallic Floor Coating

Decorative Flooring - Metallic Coating - Watco

Metallic floor coating that comes

in 6 decorative colours to 

transform your floors

✔ 6 colours : Ruby, Cobalt, Pearl,

Copper, Silver, Gold
✔ Hardwearing
✔ No waiting, apply the base coat

one day and finish with the metallic

coating the next!


Metallic Coatings - Watco                                                   

Watco Protect Cleaning

Watco Protect Spill Control & Maintenence


First Aid For Floors - Watco Protect

Cleaning And Maintenence


✔ Wide range of industrial strength cleaning products

✔ Floor cleaners and degreasers available in liquid

and tablet form 

✔Keep your floors looking as good as new


Watco Protect





Watco Protect Spill Control

Watco Protect Spill Control


First Aid For Floors - Watco Protect Spill Control



✔ 5 sizes of spill kits availables

✔ Protection against oil, chemical 

and general spills
✔Absorbant capacity up to 222L of fluids


Watco Protect Spill Control






UltraBond Permanent Bonding Tape


An ideal replacement for conventional 

adhesives and fixings

✔ Permanently bonds in 24 hours
✔ Easy to use double sided tape
✔ Works on a range of substrates including

metal, sealed concrete, masonry & wood


Putty Patch - Watco                                                                 

Putty Patch

Putty Patch Mouldable Repair - Watco


A mouldable repair product which is fibre 

reinforced for incredible strength

✔ Putty-like consistancy for ease of use
✔ Quick to use - sets in 10 minutes
✔ Ideal for rapid repairs to damaged

vertical and horizontal surfaces


Putty Patch - Watco                                                                 

Powerfloat Sealer

Powerfloat Sealer - Watco


The best just got better - Powerfloat sealer

now available in 4 finishes


✔ 4 finishes : Gloss, Matt, Gloss Anti Slip

and Matt Anti Slip
✔ Seals and protects floors
✔Only one coat necessary


Powerfloat Sealer - Watco





Flowtop® Advanced


          Concrete Resurfacer - Flowtop Advanced - Watco


Our strongest ever 

concrete resurfacer

✔ Ultra tough floor finish
✔ Shrugs off chemical spills with ease
✔ Does not have to be painted


Epoxy repair mortar - Concrex® Advanced - Watco                                                                 


Road Patch Rapid


 Road Repair Mortar - Road Patch Rapid - Watco

Rapid set road repair mortar for use at  

temperatures as low as -20ºC

✔ Fast curing
✔ Easy to use
✔ Non shrinking


Epoxy repair mortar - Concrex® Advanced - Watco

High Build Epoxy Advanced


                  Tough Floor Paint - High Build Epoxy Advanced - Watco

Our strongest and most resilient 

epoxy resin floor paint

✔ Shrugs off stains and scratches with ease
✔ Made for the toughest environments
✔ Can be used in confined spaces


Epoxy Resin Floor Paint - High Build Epoxy Advanced - Watco                                                               

Safety Coat Steam Clean


 Anti Slip Steam Cleanable Floor Paint - Safety Coat Steam Clean - Watco

Anti slip solvent free epoxy resin floor paint

resistant to steam cleaning

✔ Anti slip
✔ Solvent free, virtually odourless
✔ Good chemical resistance


Epoxy repair mortar - Concrex® Advanced - Watco


Resiflow Super Gloss


 Super Glossy Floor Screed - Resiflow Super Gloss - Watco

Our glossiest ever floor screed  

ideal for showrooms

✔ Seamless, smooth gloss finish
✔ Exceptional wear resistance
✔ Water based, no primer needed


Epoxy repair mortar - Concrex® Advanced - Watco


Concrex® Acid Strength


 Acid Damaged Concrete Repair Mortar - Concrex® Acid Strength - Watco

Permanent repairs for acid damaged  


✔ Outstanding chemical resistance
✔ Extremely tough
✔ Quick and easy to mix and use


Epoxy repair mortar - Concrex® Advanced - Watco


Fastcoat & Fastcoat Anti Slip


 Watco Fastcoat and Fastcoat Anti Slip options


A rapid curing floor paint system

✔ New polyaspartic resin technology
✔ Easy to use & hard-wearing
Anti Slip version also available



Epoxy repair mortar - Concrex® Advanced - Watco

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